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8 new features Android O will bring to your phone

Surprise! Android O is here. Well, sort of: Google has dropped a developer’s preview build of the next-gen mobile OS revision, along with a heap of details on just what it brings to the table. Obviously, we expected an Android O to follow last year’s Nougat, but the sudden launch caught us all off-guard. Right now, Android O really is meant for developers to start learning from and imp...[Read More]

Up next for WhatsApp — paid-for business features being tested

WhatsApp, the messaging service that everyone you know uses, was acquired for a very large sum of money (a mere $19 billion or so) by Facebook in 2014. It was about the same time that the company stopped charging an annual usage fee but it looks like the service is looking to make money again. And they’re going to be doing this in new and unconventional ways. WhatsApp is reportedly testing o...[Read More]

Skyworth Cast TV – Cast your favourite content from your smart device directly to your Cast TV

Developed by Skyworth with Google ECO system, the Cast TV plays HD, FHD and 4K television shows or home audio systems by directly streaming through Wi-Fi connections or a local network. Any of the 1000+ Cast-enabled apps, 200000+ TV shows and movies, 30000000+ songs available on Google Chromecast can be enjoyed with the all-new Skyworth Cast TV. You can use your mobile device to stream your favour...[Read More]

12 tips and tricks to master Apple Watch and watchOS 3

So you’re buying yourself a shiny new Apple Watch Series 2 or have upgraded your slightly less shiny and new Apple Watch Series 1 to watchOS 3. You might even have some lovely apps installed. Now what? Simple: now you read our tips about how to get the most from your wrist-based pride and joy, by way of cunning settings, handy new gestures, and partying like it’s Newton o’ clock. DOCK IT TO ’EM St...[Read More]

Hands-on with the Apple iOS 10 beta

We’ll probably see iOS 10 release alongside the iPhone 7 in September, but why wait? Apple has officially released the public beta, which means anyone can grab it today. Before you load up on it though, there are some compelling reasons to hold off. It’s pre-release software, which means it isn’t as fast, polished, or bug-free as the final 10.0 version will be, nor is it entirely...[Read More]

17 ways to master YouTube, the most distracting website in the entire world

True story – we once spent 1.5 hours on YouTube watching videos of cats jumping in fright when faced with stationary cucumbers. And all we initially wanted to do was find a decent pizza recipe. YouTube is one of the internet’s biggest distractions, full of bizarre, scary stuff, but it can also be brilliant and full of wonder. No doubt you’re familiar with most of its workings by ...[Read More]

iOS 9.3 will add night viewing mode and multi-user classroom support

It’s still surprising to see how open Apple has become with its beta testing, and since the company seems to time its iOS, watchOS, and tvOS updates to launch simultaneously, that means a lot of clues coming out at once about the next big gadget enhancements. That’s the case again, as a public beta version for iOS 9.3 – along with developer versions of watchOS 2.2 and tvOS 9.2 &#...[Read More]

Here’s what to expect from iOS 9 later this year

Headliner for Apple’s WWDC? That’d be iOS 9, which got a very extensive reveal at the San Francisco event yesterday evening. Or morning, depending on where you are in the world. The update is scheduled for later this year, as is customary, but here’s what you can expect from your Apple mobiles and tablets when the update lands. Siri’s getting extra smarts Siri, the lauded d...[Read More]

Microsoft updates its health Band and shows off new website

Microsoft has just updated its Band wearable with a new tile and an onscreen keyboard. The update is accompanied by a new Health website that will provide a dashboard for viewing the data collected by Band. For developers, there is also a preview of the upcoming SDK. At present, you can see data that includes pace, distance and elevation. According to Microsoft, Band integrates this data with MapM...[Read More]

Twitter adds group messages and video for mobile

Late last year Twitter hinted at new features coming to the service soon. Now the first two of those have arrived: the ability to send private messages to groups of up to 20 people and the ability to shoot 30-second videos directly from the Twitter mobile app. Both features will become available to Twitter users in coming weeks. The group-messaging feature uses Twitter’s existing Direct Message fu...[Read More]

Windows 10: the 8 biggest new features coming to PCs and tablets

Microsoft closed its consumer-focused Windows 10 event with a bang yesterday by revealing the HoloLens headset. But before all of that futuristic hoopla, the word of the day was the company’s big new operating system, and how it aims to atone for the divisive shift seen in Windows 8. Yes, giving it away to even Windows 7 users is a great start. However, it’s clear that Windows 10 plans...[Read More]

Apple Watch can control Apple TV, plus Tim Cook hints at other uses

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke extensively with Bloomberg Businessweek for its latest issue, and now the full interview is on the web – with a few choice bits on the Apple Watch included. One interesting feature is the ability to control your Apple TV directly from the watch, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing the tiny remote or finding your nearest iOS device. And Cook teased much more f...[Read More]

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