Twitter Blue might be the social media service’s $2.99 a month paid version


Twitter Blue ConceptTwitter’s investigations into alternate revenue streams have borne some interesting fruit. Along with paid tweets, it seems the company may also be launching Twitter Blue, a monthly subscription service that will see users getting specific features as long as they’re shelling out $2.99 (about R45) a month.

Feeling Twitter Blue

The micro-blogging service’s plans have apparently been revealed by Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher who does this sort of thing often. By which we mean, she knows what’s coming before most of us.

Some of the features seemingly coming to those willing to give Twitter a few bucks every month include the ability to undo tweets (which might be attractive for those who have habitually quick tweeting fingers) and the ability to sort bookmarks into specific folders, another feature users have been asking for.

It’s speculated that the potential subscription service would be tiered, so there might be different payment levels and slightly different interfaces for those willing to pay for them. Twitter, of course, isn’t confirming anything at present but the company did just buy a company called Scroll, which removed ads from participating websites for its subscribers. The purchase makes a lot of sense if Twitter’s planning to use that tech for its own service.

But this is all just rumour for the moment. There’s no information when or if Twitter Blue will actually launch, nor what such a service might actually cost.



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