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Light Start: Fortnite has disappeared, Quake with RTX, take calls on your PC and iOS 13 bugs

Fortnite is gone, RTX is coming to classic games, you can now answer a call on your PC (if you dare), and you cannot answer calls on iOS 13.

Uber launches a ‘Pet’ option, because what about Rocky and Rex?

We’d like to see an Uber driver’s face as the passenger strategically tries to fit two Great Danes into his Corolla. With the launch of Uber Pet, people can now do that. 

Go dark in Instagram now, if you want to

We’ve already seen a range of apps adopt the new look, like Gmail, WhatsApp, Twitter and Pinterest. Now Instagram has joined the dark forces.

Light Start: Hiding Facebook likes, Starship will carry people to Mars, new Galaxy Fold symptoms and WhatsApp will stop working on these phones

This week in Light Start, Facebook plans to hide likes, SpaceX has a new spacecraft, the Galaxy Fold still has problems and WhatsApp will stop working on these devices.

In a virtual universe of ‘perfect’ bodies, Instagram’s new policy offers important protection for young users

Instagram recently announced posts promoting diet products and cosmetic procedures will no longer be visible to users under the age of 18. While the initiative is being led by Instagram, the policy will also be in place on Facebook.

Beta Yourself: The Quik video editing app

Stuff shows you how to use GoPro’s lightning-fast, powerful, free editor to actually do something good with all those half-forgotten videos clogging up your phone.

Find out WTF is going on – the best news apps all-round

Terrified by the rise of fake news? Want headlines beamed into your eyes? Check out Stuff’s reliably-sourced dossier of news apps for keeping you in the loop.

Light Start – Sideloading Google on the Mate 30, underwhelming Apple, Cool Ideas attacked and Pinkman’s back

Light Start - Sideloading Google into the Mate 30 Pro, China's underwhelming response to the iPhone 11, Cool Ideas is DDoSed, and Pinkman is back.

Apple prices and dates Apple Arcade, Apple TV Plus – and they’re coming here

Man, Apple really knows how to underwhelm with their launches these days. Jumping right into the event (which suggests they’ve got a lot to get to), we were treated to a handful of gameplay demos for some of the titles coming to Apple Arcade. Demonstrations from Konami and Capcom led the way, but it wasn’t long before we got some actual information. Coin operated Information in the sha...[Read More]

Don’t be a Mbalula – Here’s how to secure your WhatsApp Messenger

Last week, the minister of transport, Fikile Mbalula reported suspicious activity on his WhatsApp Messenger - here's how to secure your WhatsApp.

Light Start: September phone releases include updated iPhones, a non-Android Huawei, finally a Fold and Android 10

This week in light start: September is gearing up to be an absolute monstrous month for phone releases. This month we'll see new iPhones, Huaweis, Folds and OSes.

Instagram trialling a new messaging app called Threads – report

Instagram might be the most attractive member of the Facebook family but it could soon be joined by a hopefully-not-annoying younger sibling. Website The Verge has information on a new app in development, called Threads, that is tied to the influencer-populated service. 

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