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Stuff South Africa's online editor and print assistant editor, Brett Venter has churned out more words on more titles than most journalists will in a career. He's kind of shy.

General Magic: The tech doccie trailer you didn’t know you needed, about a company you’ve never heard of

It is written by the late, great Terry Pratchett in The Way of Mrs. Cosmopilite, there’s a lot that goes on that we don’t know about. Hey, it works for Lu-Tze. But there’s also a bit of truth there for the rest of us, as this trailer for General Magic shows. And don’t feel bad if the words ‘General Magic’ don’t immediately throw up a memory of a Silicon Va...[Read More]

In the July-August 2018 Issue of Stuff Magazine

It’s time for another issue of Stuff Magazine to hit shelves and drop jaws, and the July-August 2018 edition isn’t mucking around. You’re going to i8 us for this one, but we’ve had an early look at the BMW i8 Roadster and it absolutely justifies its place on the cover. Oh, but the July-August 2018 headliner isn’t alone. It’s brought friends, from all over the co...[Read More]

Light Start – Uphill robots, printed rockets, Battlefield beta, and a new Notepad

This is the sound of the future: Roborace autonomous race car completes Goodwood’s uphill climb If you’re a Stuff reader then there’s a passing chance that you’re familiar with Roborace, the autonomous race car project currently being tested on tracks of all sorts. The driverless vehicle’s latest achievement was completing the Goodwood uphill climb over the weekend at...[Read More]

Win one of two Jabra Elite 65t Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Every issue, Stuff Magazine has at least a few items to give away. This month we’ve got two sets of Jabra Elite 65t wireless in-ear headphones to give away to two Stuff readers. But you knew that already. And we know that you know, because the URL for this page appears in the July-August 2018 issue of Stuff Magazine. It shouldn’t be anywhere else, and if it is, we didn’t put it t...[Read More]

Win One of Four Labo Variety Packs in the July-August Stuff Magazine

So you’ve got yourself a Nintendo Switch. You’ve played all the Mario Kart, the Breath of the Wild, the Mario Odyssey and now you’re keen on something different? The Nintendo Labo gear certainly fits the bill. Labo, in case you’ve been under a rock for the past six or seven months, is a cardboard toy from the masterful minds at Nintendo. Pop various cutouts out of a cardboa...[Read More]

Audi and Huawei are teaming up to develop Intelligent Connected Vehicles

In order to have smarter cars we’re going to have to connect them to the internet, to each other, and other things on the side of the road. Audi seems to understand that and they’re bringing in Huawei to help them to connect their vehicles. The two companies have announced a partnership that will see them developing so-called “Intelligent Connected Vehicles” together. These...[Read More]

See Fury in flames in the newest Darksiders III gameplay footage

Darksiders III, the sequel to the excellent prior games starring War and Death, recently had a release date announcement leaked, confirmed, and then developer Gunfire Games revealed that they’d actually tweeted the 27 November release date themselves ahead of time. The long and short of it is that Darksiders III, a series that we thought might have met its end when Vigil Games was shuttered,...[Read More]

The new Nikon Coolpix P1000 features a frankly mad 125x optical zoom

Nikon’s Coolpix range of cameras are usually the lower end of the camera company’s selection. They tend to include fixed lenses and limited features, making them the sort of thing that you sling into a bag to er… bag some holiday snaps on your budget walking tour of Italy. The newly-announced Nikon Coolpix P1000 though… it’s something a little different. The Coolpix P...[Read More]

Limber up your fretting fingers, we’re giving away a Fender Newport Bluetooth speaker

Click through to the Terms and Conditions for the bits where we lay out all our strange requirements (our competition rider, if you like) and then you’re set to pop on down to the entry form and get your entry in. Or, you know, don’t, but entering means that you agree to be bound by the Ts&Cs, unless you work for Stuff Magazine. Sorry, office team (and immediate family) — No Fender goodn...[Read More]

Light Start – VW’s Pikes Peak run, Fortnite rifts IRL, pool noodle bazooka, Anthem gameplay

VW’s record-breaking Pikes Peak climb is over before you know it Sure it might sound like the world’s largest go-kart (which it is kinda, sorta, related to) but VW’s less-than-eight-minute Pikes Peak climb remains just as impressive as when we were only given the numbers surrounding it. Actually seeing the VW ID R Pikes Peak electric race car ramming its way around corners in a r...[Read More]

We’re giving a R1000 Debonairs Pizza voucher to… this person

Debonairs Pizza recently announced that they were partnering up with several local gaming brands, including IGN, Arcade X, and eSports teams White Rabbit Gaming and Sinister 5. To celebrate, Debonairs gave us a R1,000 voucher to give away. What we would do with that much pizza… Eat it, most likely. If we were going to be the recipients of a R1,000 pizza voucher, the biggest question on our m...[Read More]

Huawei’s first 5G-supporting handsets will hit the market in 2019

We all know that 5G, the successor to current mobile internet technology 4G, is on its way. The tech, or an early version of it, was in testing in Japan as far back as 2014 and it’s getting ever closer to launch. So close, in fact, that Huawei is going to be launching its first 5G-capable smartphone in 2019. That’s the word according to the company’s Western European Consumer Bus...[Read More]

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