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Stuff South Africa's online editor and print assistant editor, Brett Venter has churned out more words on more titles than most journalists will in a career. He's kind of shy.

Look at the time: Win one of two Colton James watches worth R3,050 each

We could start off this competition will all manner of horological puns but we’re afraid that we just don’t have the time. We are going to be giving some time away though, in the shape of two Colton James wristwatches (and a spare strap) — one each to two lucky winners. How do you get to be one of those lucky winners? It’s… actually, it’s the same process we alw...[Read More]

Nintendo’s Labo is bonkers in a delightfully Nintendo way

Just when you thought everything was completely normal, Nintendo has to come along and throw a fun-sized spanner into the works. The Japanese gaming giant has announced and detailed Nintendo Labo, a product we’re still not sure how to pronounce properly which looks like… an awful lot of fun, once you can wrap your head around it. Nintendo Labo is, basically, a whole mess of cardboard s...[Read More]

TAG Heuer debuts their R2.4m Connected Full Diamond smartwatch

There are times when you really want to rub it in someone’s face that you’re able to wear the price of a luxury German car or a double-storey beach house on your wrist. If that’s you, but you can’t bear to miss any Facebook notifications, then the TAG Heuer Connected Full Diamond might be what you’re after. The very expensive timepiece debuted at the Salon Internation...[Read More]

Light Start – Tag’s new smartwatch, Ford Mach 1, piloted exo-suits, and Altered Carbon

Tag Heuer has a new, smaller and (slightly) cheaper modular smartwatch heading our way Tag Heuer’s very first crack at a smartwatch left more than a little to be desired, its second, the Connected 45, was a substantial improvement. Now meet the Connected 41, a smaller version of the 45 which comes in a 41mm diameter case. There’s a 390×390 display, 8GB of storage, 1GB of RAM and a...[Read More]

We’re giving five Nivea Men hampers to these five winners

It’s that time again, when we give out five Nivea Men skincare hampers worth more than R1,000 (each) to five lucky winners. Wait, we’ve never done that before. But it feels like it’s time for us to give away five Nivea Men hampers, so we’re counting that. Also, we said last year that we were going to do it today. We all know that it’s perfectly acceptable for men to p...[Read More]

Two folks are getting some lovely new Skullcandy. Who could they be?

We started this little Skullcandy giveaway just before the whole Stuff team got away for the end of the year. There’s nothing we like better than to go home and play with our tech at year-end… except maybe giving someone else some new tech at the beginning of the new year. Which is precisely what we’re about to do: give two winners either a Skullcandy Crusher Wireless or a Skullc...[Read More]

Apex Predator: Acer’s new gaming desktop wants to scramble to the top of the food chain

Acer’s Predator range has always been very good at one thing in particular: looking the part. The Predator series has always looked extremely aggressive but for once it might fully live up to its title — the newly-unveiled Acer Predator Orion 9000 is set to be a beast of a desktop PC. Even though the name sounds like it was drawn from a hat filled with badass military codenames, the Pr...[Read More]

Better screen, fewer wires: Valve and HTC introduce the Vive Pro

It was only very recently that the HTC Vive made it to South Africa (officially) and now we’ve got something else to look forward to. At CES this year HTC and Valve took the wraps off the second iteration of their already impressive VR headset, called the HTC Vive Pro. And it’s going to be going wireless. Eventually. Before it does, though, it’ll arrive in a more traditional form...[Read More]

Nikon’s new AF-S Nikkor telephoto lens is a pretty big deal

If you’ve ever wanted to take up a career taking passport photos of the people working on the International Space Station, Nikon might just have the lens for you. And you won’t even have to leave the ground. That’s because the Nikon AF-S Nikkor 180-400mm f/4E TC1.4 FL ED VR (yup, that’s the whole name) is one monster of a telephoto lens. The company unveiled the AF-S Nikkor...[Read More]

Light Start – Samsung’s Wall, the new Nokia 6, Zuma in space, and Nvidia’s Xavier

Samsung’s The Wall is a 146in (3.7 metre) monster display Look, we like TV screens as much as the next guy but we’re not sure that we have the space — or the budget — for Samsung’s latest and certainly greatest (literally) TV. Called The Wall, this is a 146-inch TV which uses a technology called MicroLED. MicroLED confers benefits similar to OLED, in that each LED is ...[Read More]

In the Jan-Feb 2018 Issue of Stuff Magazine

In the Jan-Feb 2018 issue of Stuff Magazine, we would like to advise you that it’s time to prepare for war. Multiple wars, actually. Star Wars, to be more specific. We’ve got a mess of Star Wars gear — not movies, not books, but gear — for the true Star Wars fanatics out there. Whether you’re Light or Dark, Jedi or Sith, Han or Greedo, we’ve got something that&#...[Read More]

We have three new SNES Classic Mini winners and their names are…

We know that everyone has been watching this one, hard. A while ago we told everyone that we were giving away three Nintendo SNES Classic Mini consoles — one each to one winner on each of our social media platforms. That’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for those who haven’t been paying attention. And we’ve come to the big day at last, when we announce the trio of lucky ...[Read More]

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