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iPhone X up for pre-order in SA, starting from R20,500

We’ve waited long enough for this so we probably speak for everyone when we say: It’s about time. South African pricing for the iPhone X has been revealed and it’s… about what we were expecting, actually. Which is a nice way of saying that the iPhone X, which is now available for pre-order (though the link wasn’t live at the time of writing), will set you back R20,500...[Read More]

Motorola is (for some strange reason) releasing a tablet called the Moto Tab

Fewer and fewer companies are releasing dedicated tablets, with the only major players coming to mind being Apple and Samsung (and Samsung only just makes the list). So it’s a little surprising to learn that there’s a new tablet coming from none other than… Motorola? Wait, really? Yup. It’s called the Moto Tab, because what else would they call it, and it’s set to be ...[Read More]

Everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S9 (so far)

We’ve only just got Samsung’s latest and greatest smartphone and already we’re looking past it to the next big thing to come from the company — the Galaxy S9. We suspect that we might just be a little shallow. Now Samsung hasn’t told us anything. Haven’t got an email, haven’t had a phone call, not even a Post-it note to confirm that their next smartphone i...[Read More]

Light Start – More Star Wars coming, Switch production, Apple’s AR, and Injustice 2 Turtles

You had to know this was coming: Another trilogy of Star Wars films announced What, you thought it was over? Star Wars films are never going to be going away, as evidenced by a new announcement in a Disney earnings call last week. Long story short, there’s a new trilogy of Star Wars films in the works. Details are thin but it all apparently involve “new characters from a corner of the ...[Read More]

Starcraft 2 is going free-to-play (Ts&Cs apply)

If you have been, for some unfathomable reason, waiting to get your hands on Starcraft 2, first of all… what the heck have you been waiting for? And second of all, here’s your chance. Blizzard is going to be taking Starcraft 2 over to a free-to-play model from 14 November 2017, meaning that players are going to have greater access to the real-time strategy title than they did with the ...[Read More]

The eVscope wants to give you your best (live) look at the stars yet

What if you could look into space and see an awful lot more than you’re used to? What if you could do large amounts of science at the same time? The eVscope, a telescope being funded on Kickstarter, aims to do that without you needing to build an observatory in your back yard. If you’ve ever used a telescope you probably know that what you can see through a tube and some ground glass (...[Read More]

Apple’s iPhone X dated for South Africa

We’ve been waiting for this one: Apple’s iPhone X will be launching in South Africa on 24 November, according to an official announcement from the company. But don’t feel too special, there are several other countries involved too. And those countries are Albania, Bosnia, Cambodia, Kosovo, Macau, Macedonia, Malaysia, Montenegro, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand and Turkey, who are j...[Read More]

Hetzner’s konsoleH Control Panel database hacked: What you need to know and do

If ever there was a way to handle a hack, Hetzner has nailed it. The web-hosting company last night let its customers know that its konsoleH Control Panel database had been compromised. The problem was an SQL injection vulnerability which the company says has already been corrected. Hetzner followed up their frank admission with a list of the actions they’ve taken since the hack was discover...[Read More]

Light Start – Electric Porsche, Elon’s tunnel, Yamaha’s concept, and a Bright future

The Porsche Mission E is silent but deadly in this on-track video If you watch this this less-than-a-minute-long of a Porsche whipping around the Nürburgring it won’t take very long to figure out why you’re vaguely unsettled. It’s unusual to hear a Porsche making almost zero noise as it screeches around corners at high speed. And that’s because you’re looking at a tes...[Read More]

Every cyclist is going to want a pair of Everysight Raptor AR glasses

Let’s face it, if you’re a cyclist in South Africa then you have to contend with a lot of hazards. Cars trying to squish you, roads trying to dump you, bugs trying to sting you, the occasional member of the Big Five. It can be rough but Everysight is trying to make it a little less so with their Raptor AR glasses, which are set to go up for pre-order soon. The Everysight Raptor glasses...[Read More]

Crowdfund the Moon, a levitating 360-degree home camera

Homes are only getting smarter. We’re right behind that, especially if it means we can populate our living space with gadgets like the Moon, currently being crowdfunded on IndieGoGo. Not the actual lunar orb, though that would be awesome… if stunningly impractical. No, the Moon is a 360-degree camera of the type you may have seen before. It can be used to keep an eye on your home, so y...[Read More]



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Motorola Moto Z2 Play – More than just a mid-ranger

The Motorola Moto Z was one of our favourite handsets of 2016, a premium, speedy modular phone that worked. The Hasselblad camera attachment was one of our favourite gizmos and, happily, it works just fine on the Moto Z2 Play as well. Which is a relief, because we don’t really want to have to buy the Moto Mods a second time. A fact which highlights the major failing of the Moto Z2 Play ̵...[Read More]

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