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South African rugby players turning into Marvel superheroes

Marvel has teamed up with SuperSport and the Super Rugby teams for their upcoming 2019 Vodacom Super Rugby tournament. Talk about the most ambitious crossover in history — this is a mashup we didn’t expect. The Emirates Lions will still wear their red uniforms proudly, but now with the signature Spider-Man emblem and webbing. The Vodacom Bulls’ kit will feature Captain America’s ...[Read More]

Under Armour’s connected running shoes are jogging our way soon

South African pavement pounders will soon be able to track their runs via their footwear because sportswear maker Under Armour has announced it’s bringing one of its connected shoes to our market next month. The Under Armour HOVR Infinite has a sensor embedded in the midsole of the right shoe and connects via low-energy Bluetooth to the MapMyRun app on the wearer’s smartphone. The fanc...[Read More]

Samsung Pay has arrived for Samsung wearables

Samsung has announced that Samsung Pay, its mobile payments solution that launched with Standard Bank and Absa earlier this year, is now available on the company’s recent wearable devices, specifically, the Gear Sport, Gear S3 and Galaxy Watch. The Korean electronics giant has confirmed the service will be coming to five more banks in 2019, including the recently announced Discovery Bank due...[Read More]

Give the gift of Fit with Fitbit’s Charge 3 and Versa devices this festive season

Everyone knows someone who is just a little difficult to buy gifts for. Folks who either have everything already or are terrible at making their perferences known. You know – well-meaning folks who just happen to make the festive season difficult just by existing. We still love those guys, but come on… This year you can circumvent all the worrying and stress by giving the most important gift of al...[Read More]

Puma is bringing its 80s-era RS-Computer shoes back (in very limited numbers)

If you grew up during the 80s, you’re probably aware that it was a weird time. It seems to have been an even weirder time for the adults, with all sorts of oddities making it to market. And now, with the current nostalgia binge that’s ongoing, one of those oddities is coming back. Puma is re-releasing its RS-Computer running shoes. Confused about what the Puma RS-Computer shoes are all...[Read More]

Wireless charging AirPods 2.0 to drop in 2019

We’ll likely see new AirPods with a wireless charging case next year according to an Apple analyst. And that’s not all — the updated wireless earbuds will probably feature Bluetooth 5.0 and a W-series chip. Ming-Chi Kuo, the oft-accurate analyst, made the forecast in a note seen by AppleInsider. These predictions are in line with the rumours we’ve seen throughout the year, and ‘Pods-lo...[Read More]

Why health apps are like the Wild West, with Apple just riding into town

The heart rate monitor built into the new Apple Watch has sparked sharp debate over its risks and benefits, even though the feature was cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. But out of the spotlight, the FDA has been doing away with regulatory action altogether on many diagnostic health apps targeting consumers, seeking to accelerate digital health adoption by defining many of these as “low...[Read More]

Here’s what we know about the Huawei Watch GT – thanks to Huawei’s own website

It’s hard keeping secrets in an age where everyone has a video camera and a microphone in their front pocket, and when all the information you could ever need (and a whole lot more that you never will) lives inside that same device. Huawei learned that the hard way this weekend when the company prematurely published info concerning their upcoming smartwatch, the Watch GT. All of the specific...[Read More]

We unbox the new iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4

Unboxing videos are one of the curiosities of the internet. For reasons that largely elude us, people seem to love them. Maybe it’s the vicarious equivalent of unwrapping presents on your birthday. Maybe it’s the thrill that only well-designed packaging can deliver. Or maybe the internet is just a strange place and we shouldn’t overthink things. Whatever the reason, we’ve g...[Read More]

The Oculus Connect 5 Keynote – Go on a Quest with YouTube VR and Star Wars

Facebook held their annual Oculus keynote today and the world of VR is steadily growing, as is our anticipation of a Ready Player One future of a world immersed in virtual reality. Here are the key takeaways from Oculus Connect 5. Oculus Quest The prime news? The announcement of Facebook’s Oculus Quest, an all-in-one virtual reality headset makes it the third member of the Oculus lineup, which inc...[Read More]

Apple’s Watch Series 4 GPS priced for SA, pre-orders open 21 September

Hopefully you’ve got some cash tucked away for a brand new Apple Watch Series 4 GPS (the edition that we’re going to be getting here in South Africa — till local operators figure out eSIMs). Local distributor iStore announced yesterday evening that Watch Series 4 pre-orders will be opening on 21 September — which, if you’re paying attention, is tomorrow. Buyers will b...[Read More]

New Apple Watch adds heart tracking: here’s why we should welcome ECG for everyone

Leaked details of the new iPhone models were quickly relegated to second tier headlines after Apple’s latest product announcement. More people seem to be excited about the fact that the new Apple Watch will come with a built-in heart monitoring electrocardiogram (ECG) function. An ECG is a simple test that can be used to check your heart’s rhythm and electrical activity, designed to detect any und...[Read More]

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