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Seven shows you can only catch first on Showmax

Some TV shows are available everywhere. You know the ones – they don’t have to advertise them because you can’t throw a rock without hitting the latest episode. But then there are others which are a little more… exclusive. If you want Naruto or JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, you head to […]

9 of the best Showmax offerings for winter bingeing

Don’t let the current warm snap distract you, it might be early August but winter is still a thing here in SA. All it takes is one cold front to drive us back under multiple blankets wanting nothing more than to consume carbs and warm drinks while our completed-episode count […]

What you get on Showmax that you can’t stream anywhere else

When it comes to streaming in South Africa, it’s tough to get everything in one place. You’re keen on music? Spotify is your go-to, with Deezer and Joox following behind with varying levels of genre and content support. A confirmed anime nut with Naruto on the brain? You’re probably going […]

Why it’s time to give Showmax a(nother) try in 2018

It’s been three years since Showmax first launched in South Africa. Here’s a look at some of the biggest changes, from Originals to apps.Showmax is the longest-running streaming service in South Africa. Since it first launched in 2015, a number of early streaming competitors, like VIDI and OnTapTV, have fallen […]

Debonairs Pizza enters the game with IGN and eSports teams Sinister 5, White Rabbit

Esports is on the upswing internationally, with previously-unrelated brands from car manufacturers to telecoms to major tech companies clamouring to have their names featured on shirts worn by gamers showing their skills in front of crowds of cheering fans. In South Africa these brands have traditionally been laser-focussed on gaming […]

Step up to effortless DSLR storytelling with Canon’s new EOS 2000D and EOS 4000D

The EOS 2000D and EOS 4000D caters to the storytelling needs of individuals taking their first steps into interchangeable lens photography and those wanting to create superbly detailed DSLR quality pictures and cinematic Full HD movies with ease. These cameras have been designed for people who seek out new experiences […]

Do your stories justice with Canon’s cutting-edge 4K-capable EOS M50 mirrorless camera

The Canon EOS M50 is designed for today’s modern adventurers and is Canon’s first mirrorless camera to feature 4K movie capability, a Vari-Angle touchscreen and Canon’s latest DIGIC 8 image processor. Coupled with Bluetooth®1 and Wi-Fi2 for seamless connectivity, an APS-C sized 24.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor for beautiful soft backgrounds […]

You were made to move. Get in the zone with the BackBeat FIT

When it comes to your workout, nothing gets in your way. You’re unstoppable, you have your own personal fitness journey and you want to get it done. For some people, active fitness is a way of life– working out 4-5 times a week and driving to BE good at a […]

The Jabra Speak 710: For when you want everyone in the room to speak at once

Have you ever attempted to put a phone on speaker and conduct a meeting with a collection of people in a room and one in a remote location? Smartphones, while good at many things, are just not optomised for that, which is where the likes of the Jabra Speak 710 […]

BCX – Disruption is in our DNA

At BCX we offer technology solutions not products. Our role isn’t to sell hardware or software solutions in isolation, but to use our technology offerings to find new, innovative and sustainable solutions to today’s problems, and tomorrow’s. We believe in finding the right solution to problems that account for the […]

Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro – It doesn’t get any smarter than this

Intelligence is an underrated character trait, probably because we so rarely see it these days. Which is why it’s so refreshing to see it in a smartphone and we’re not just talking about the influence of those who designed it. Real, actual built-in intelligence. Huawei’s new Mate 10 Pro phablet […]

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