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Who is Mysterion?

Win one Castle Lager Game Day Table with Stuff and Castle Lager

You know how it goes. The game’s on, things are getting tense and the mates are all getting hyped. The ball is kicked into touch, the whistle goes and a commercial starts. Now you have a choice to make. Send someone to the kitchen for a round of refills and maybe some chow or leave it till the next one and chance a) running out before the next break comes on or b) sending some unfortunate off on a...[Read More]

Win one of two Solo bags and accessory packs with Stuff and Gammatek SA

If you’re looking at this page and you didn’t pick up a brand new copy of the June issue of Stuff Magazine… how exactly did you get here? No matter, you probably already know that Stuff and Gammatek SA are giving away two Duane Solo hybrid briefcase backpacks — with an accompanying product hamper — worth R3,000 each. Which means we’ve got two winners to announce...[Read More]

Mini meme: Make your handset handsome

Don’t settle for smartphone conformity: download these apps to add flavour to your phone experience with new ringtones, launchers and wallpapers. Nova Launcher Free (IAPs) /Android Countless Android launchers rattle around Google Play, mostly slowly heading towards oblivion… but Nova Launcher has serious staying power. This capable app is smart, straightforward and hugely configurable. It’s a grea...[Read More]

Beta yourself: Google Chrome

Need to polish up your browsing skills? Stuff points you at the features and settings to master when you want to get the most from Google’s market-leading web wanderer.  The Basics Speed up start-up: On desktop, open Chrome’s settings and select ‘On start-up’. Tend to visit the same sites first thing? Select ‘Open a specific page or set of pages’. If your favourite pages are already open, click ‘U...[Read More]

Win a Huawei P20 – Stuff Magazine May 2018

Here we got, it’s another Stuff Magazine competition page. Not the Stuff Magazine online competition though, those you read about on Twitter. No, this is the page for the Stuff Magazine May 2018 issue giveaway, which in this instance is a nice and shiny new Huawei P20 worth R13,000. But if you’re reading this then you’re already aware of that, because a piece of dead tree told yo...[Read More]

SqwidNet announces IoT contest for SA students

SqwidNet, a subsidiary of Dark Fibre Africa and the local licensed operator of French company Sigfox’s internet-of-things (IoT) solutions, has announced a competition open to South African university students — both undergrads and postgrads — with innovative IoT ideas. The winners will take home R20,000 and get to send one of their team to present their design in IoT Valley in To...[Read More]

Almost 60,000 South African Facebook users might be impacted in the Cambridge Analytica saga

Facebook says 59,777 of its users in South Africa could potentially have been impacted in the Cambridge Analytica debacle that has seen the personal data of millions of users of the social network compromised, or at least used for purposes other than those for which it was intended. The South African office for Facebook shared the information on Friday afternoon. It says 33 users in South Africa i...[Read More]

The best accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S9

There was a time when getting a new phone meant wrapping it in a handkerchief and carrying it around like a newborn until you could get to a store to buy a case. These days Samsung pops a basic, translucent protective case in with its top-end handsets, which will suffice for some owners, but with so many excellent, official accessories on the market we’re inclined to think of the supplied op...[Read More]

Win a Tile and never lose your keys again

How to VOOV: A beginner’s guide

Last year we introduced you to social live streaming service VOOV. Now we’re going to show you how to use it. VOOV lets you live stream your life from your mobile phone, find up-and-coming local stars, and if your content’s up to scratch, could see you featured on #VOOVTV on channel 196 on DStv. But if you’re going to be featured you can’t just film any old thing. Here̵...[Read More]

Apple Authorised iPhone Screen Replacements now available in South Africa

Starting on Monday, 29 January, South African iPhone users will be able to pay for Apple Authorised screen replacements that’ll keep their smartphone’s warranty intact. Announcing the service on Thursday, Core Group added that the service will be available through iStores and Digicape nationwide. According to the announcement, the screen repairs performed by an Apple Authorised Service...[Read More]

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