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Who is Mysterion?

Apps to download this month: September 2018 edition

Every month the Stuff team sifts through all the apps… okay not all of them. But we vigorously try out new apps in a bid to find the best of the best for you, our readers. Scalak R28 / Android l R30 / iOS At first you drag a square […]

Drop everything and download: Pocket Run Pool

Pool is snooker’s inebriated cousin. Instead of waistcoats and polished balls, you get stale beer and table surfaces that look like they’ve been attacked by Wolverine. We’re glad to report that none of these problems exist in the marvellous Pocket Run Pool – a puzzler as much pool as it’s […]

Mini Meme: 6 ways to keep the kids ‘appy

With the summer holidays inching ever closer, buy yourself some peace, quiet, and time with these entertaining app downloads for the young ’uns. Sago Mini Monsters R60 / Android, iOS A monster emerges from the gloopy depths, inviting your youngling to scribble all over it, feed it disgusting food, and […]

Win a Canon M50 with a 15-45mm lens in the October 2018 issue of Stuff Magazine

So you want to win a Canon M50 with a 15.45mm lens, do you? That’s a stunning coincidence, we just happen to be giving away a Canon M50 with a 15.45mm lens. What are the odds of that? Pretty good, actually, if you picked up your October 2018 copy of Stuff […]

Win a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with the October issue of Stuff Magazine

As if often the case with Stuff‘s competitions, this one came in when we were already prepping the print magazine to go to do whatever it does when it travels from computer screen to dead tree format. Thus, in honour of this giveaway arriving late, we set the entry form […]

Should you upgrade to an Apple Watch Series 4?

Apple’s made some pretty big improvements to its Watch lineup over the years, adding features such as waterproofing and 4G connectivity to its wearable (assuming you live in country that supports eSIMs, unlike South Africa). But the design of the watch itself has remained broadly the same during that time. […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Huawei P20 Pro: Which is best?

It’s that time of the year again, the time when we get to compare the latest flagship from the big names… before the iPhone arrives and the catch-up and leapfrog cycle starts all over again. Currently in the ring? Samsung’s jumbo Note 9 and Huawei’s triple-threat P20 Pro. Samsung’s S […]

Mini Meme: Pocket Security Guards

Keep your data safe from prying eyes and dodgy digits by locking yourself away in a darkened room and downloading some of these privacy and security apps.   1Password R45/month / Android, iOS If you’re the kind of person who ‘cunningly’ spells password with two 5s, it’s time to stop. […]

Drop everything and download: Oddmar

Oddmar is a terrible viking. He’s selfish, lazy, and under threat of being kicked out of his tribe unless he partakes in some pretty large-scale woodland arson. But after a fairy chucks him some magic mushrooms, Oddmar gains special powers, which he’ll need if he’s to save his people and […]

Win an Acer Predator Helios 500 laptop worth R42,200

So you want to win yourself a gaming notebook? How fortuitous that you’ve happened upon the September issue of Stuff Magazine then, because we just happen to be giving one away. A 17.3in Acer Predator Helios 500 worth R42,200, if we’re being exact. And all you have to do to […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs the S9+ – the weigh-in

When the Galaxy Note 9 ships, Samsung will have two very large 2018 flagships on offer, since the Galaxy S9+ released earlier this year. And they’re very similar in many ways, especially design — but Samsung has pulled out a few tricks with their most recent Note edition. Both sport […]

Win swanky barbering products with MVRCK

Growing hair, whether on a head or a face, is easy. Keeping it looking its best, meanwhile, takes a combination of skill and the right products. Or at least the latter. Which is where MVRCK comes in. The latest in barber-friendly products from Paul Mitchell, MVRCK will have strangers mistaking […]

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