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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – For once, the overblown title isn’t hyperbole

When Nintendo took the wraps off Super Smash Bros. Ultimate last year, fans around the world were very, very excited. The internet was flooded with videos of fans losing their collective minds at the prospect of a return to Final Destination on the Switch. 



Huawei P Smart (2019) review: Solid specs, so-so snaps

With plenty of great smartphones at the same price point, how does the latest P Smart hold up?

LG G8 ThinQ preview: Everything we know so far

What do we know about the LG G8 ThinQ? LG has already confirmed the device, and while a first glance leaks suggest a familiar-looking device, rumours point to LG taking on the tide of foldable phones.

Beta yourself: Wunderlist

Relying on sticky notes attached to your face for important tasks? You’d best get this to-do app to start off the new year looking like you know what you’re doing. It’ll even let you fob a few items off on others… The Basics Make some lists: If you only want a bare-bones to-do manager – or if you burn through tasks at a pace that makes normal people hate you – you can probably stick with Wunderlis...[Read More]

Mini Meme: Be a real guitar hero

From tentative strummers to professional Hendrix impersonators, we can all improve our plank-spanking with judicious use of these rocking apps. Yousician Free / Android, iOS Learning a new instrument can be a right old trudge, which is why Yousician wisely reimagines plucking and strumming as a game. Its exercises are like Guitar Hero turned on its side, as you time your efforts to match coloured ...[Read More]

Stuff picks: The most anticipated games of 2019

2018 produced some of the best games we’ve ever had the pleasure of playing — from God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2 to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Black Ops 4. It’ll be hard to top last year’s titles, but 2019 won’t disappoint. Hopefully. With highly anticipated sequels and compelling original affairs in the mix, we’re excited to see what developers produce this year. We’ve scou...[Read More]



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Battlefield V review – back to WWII for the long haul

Battlefield returns to its World War Two roots, but is it better than ever? From the polygonal paratroopers of Medal of Honor, to Call of Duty’s all-out assault on the senses, there seemed to be a definite running theme of giving you big guns to single-handedly wipe out the Nazis. That was except for one game in 2002 — which gave players a unique multiplayer experience, mimicking the territo...[Read More]

Cast your vote for Stuff’s 2018 Reader Smartphone and Reader Gadget of the Year

Stuff always has a tough time at the end of the year. Not just because we’re fed up with the year-to-date (though, like the rest of the world, we often are) but because we have to sift through every piece of tech that entered the office, crossed a desk, or was fired out of an air cannon (that actually happened once) and decide which of these glorious items is worthy of winning one of Stuff&#...[Read More]

Apps to download this month: November 2018 edition

If you think about it, we mean, really think about it… It’s obvious that apps are essentially little software-gadgets. And you can count on Stuff to bring you the best apps to download every month. Snoozle Free / Android, iOS This split-personality alarm clock serenades you to sleep with the sounds of rainforests and crackling fires. In the morning you’re roused by messages sent by friends. Hope t...[Read More]

Help Stuff choose the best Apps of the Year for 2018

It’s that time of the year when the Stuff team gets down to the business of choosing the best tech and apps of the year (for the current year). We’ve got something brewing with the gadget side of things (that we’ll share with you soon, be patient), but right now we need a spot of assistance from our real confidants — our readers. You see, deciding which app will win each ca...[Read More]

Beta yourself: Android Pie

Using Google’s latest mobile OS is as easy as pie when you know where all the best bits are – Stuff reveals the tastiest slices, so you can get more from your phone. Find your way Try gestural navigation: Android 9 Pie retains the traditional navigation buttons (back, home, overview) but only by default. We recommend swapping them out for the new gestural system. In Settings, head to System then G...[Read More]

Get your Stuff Magazine subscription for 50% off this Black Friday

We know that there’s an awful lot going on today in terms of sales. And, not to be left out, Stuff Magazine is going to be joining the party this Black Friday. From today until 25 November, you can get a Stuff Magazine subscription for 50% off — what would normally run you R399 for ten issues of Stuff (that’s how many issues we put out a year) will now cost just R199.50. Again, u...[Read More]

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