MoveTime Family Watch now available in South Africa

The quirky and colourful MoveTime Family MT30 3G wearables have finally landed in South Africa, mean...[Read More]

Look at the time: Win one of two Colton James watches worth R3,050 each

We could start off this competition will all manner of horological puns but we’re afraid that ...[Read More]

Nintendo’s Labo is bonkers in a delightfully Nintendo way

Just when you thought everything was completely normal, Nintendo has to come along and throw a fun-s...[Read More]

Killer robots, free will and the illusion of control

Control. We all like to think we have it, but is it all just an illusion? It might seem like a very ...[Read More]

New Xbox Elite controller leaks, shows a few improvements

This week several images of Microsoft’s second-gen Xbox Elite Wireless controller leaked online and ...[Read More]

Lenovo Mirage Camera hands-on – VR snaps with point-and-shoot practicality

It’s never been easier to experience virtual reality, with the latest headsets not even forcing you ...[Read More]


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