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Paid your traffic fines online? Check to see if your information has been compromised

Another day, another bundle of information leaked out onto the internet. The latest is the personal ...[Read More]

Looking for your FPS story fix? Battlefield V will have you covered

A small minority of gamers took exception to Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII‘s decision to do awa...[Read More]

Acer announces its top-end Intel-powered Predator Helios 500 gaming notebook

Acer, at an event in New York yesterday, revealed the devices that we can expect to see from the com...[Read More]

LG unveils G7 smartphone in South Africa with pricing starting at R14,000

Three weeks after the global announcement of its new flagship, LG‘s finally confirmed the G7 T...[Read More]

Debunking the 6 biggest myths about technology addiction

How concerned should people be about the psychological effects of screen time? Balancing technology ...[Read More]

Got great blockchain ideas? Tari Labs wants to help you build the things you love

The word “blockchain” tends to conjure images of cryptocurrencies and the volatility tha...[Read More]


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