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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4 might ditch the fingerprint sensor for an iris scanner

Samsung is reportedly planning to ditch the fingerprint scanner on their next Tab release, but befor...[Read More]

This is DC Universe, the super-streaming service

We would be lying if we told you we haven’t thought about a Marvel/DC crossover streaming service re...[Read More]

Thai cave rescue’s dramatic conclusion last week reminded us that the world is a good place

Last week’s extraordinary rescue of 12 teenager soccer players and their coach from monsoon-flooded ...[Read More]

Technology doesn’t have to be lonely: encouraging dialogue over diatribe

Do you ever feel like when you post to Facebook, you’re publishing into a void where nobody is liste...[Read More]

Samsung’s foldable phone will most likely launch next year

The  company behind the ultimate slide phone, the Samsung E840, might launch the future equivalent n...[Read More]

Instagram testing a feature that lets users remove followers

Collecting followers on Instagram has become a lot like collecting stickers in primary school in the...[Read More]


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