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Pricing for the new iPad mini and Air is out now, too

The iStore has announced pricing and pre-orders for the latest iPad Air and iPad mini tablets.

iStore reveals pricing for new AirPods and iMacs

The iStore has revealed the forthcoming second-generation AirPods pricing will start from R2,900 and...[Read More]

Sennheiser to launch first consumer soundbar, the Ambeo

In May, we’ll see the true sound-king, Sennheiser, launch its first commercial soundbar, called the ...[Read More]

Huawei accidentally confirms the upcoming P30 Pro’s specs along with a new Watch

The launch of Huawei’s upcoming flagship, the P30 Pro is so close we can almost taste it… Thanks to ...[Read More]

Change your password right now, because Facebook stored millions of them in plaintext

Facebook's found a flaw in its systems that stored user passwords in plaintext. Which means you shou...[Read More]

Last week Facebook indicated it is moving into an ecosystem that may look like China’s WeChat

If you want a good picture of what Facebook seems to be pivoting itself to become, start using that ...[Read More]



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