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Paying for the name – Louis Vuitton’s Horizon earbuds will set you back R13,750

Much of the stuff that we examine here at Stuff is very, very expensive. But there’s usually a...[Read More]

Cell C’s Black streaming service is offering a 7-day free trial of its premium package

Januworry got you feeling down? Black, Cell C’s streaming service, has announced that it will offer ...[Read More]

Facebook sued by European regulators for breaching privacy, and it’s only getting worse

I’m not a big believer in New Year’s Resolutions. After years of trying to fulfil these ...[Read More]

Will talking to AI voice assistants re-engineer our human conversations?

When you’re lost, Siri can be your best friend. But if she can’t retrieve the right address from you...[Read More]

WhatsApp overtakes Facebook as the company’s most popular app

As we all know, Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014, and it’s grown in popularity — enough to t...[Read More]

No more surprise debits – Mastercard to stop billing after free trials

[UPDATE: According to The Verge, “Mastercard has now clarified that it’s a way more limited so...[Read More]



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