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In the future we’ll all be better runners, thanks to wearable exoskeletons like these exo-pants

Running, though, could get a boost in future thanks to wearable tech like these exo-pants. The weara...[Read More]

You can now get your health on with FNB rewards and Kauai

FNB is ramping up its in-app offers, and will now offer ‘healthy monthly benefits’ with arguably the...[Read More]

Stolen fingerprints could spell the end of biometric security – here’s how to save it

The unique nature of biometrics is also its flaw. Biometric data might provide a way to identify peo...[Read More]

Civil War? Spider-Man will exit the MCU because Sony and Disney had a fight

It looks like Spider-Man won’t make it into another instalment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU...[Read More]

Don’t all crowd in at once: Win one of five sets of double tickets to Comic Con Africa 2019

What, you might ask, would compel us to want to work on a long weekend? A little something known as ...[Read More]

Tired of typos? Gmail will soon autocorrect spelling and grammar

Gmail will now go ahead and correct spelling errors and point out grammatical errors made while you'...[Read More]



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