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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4 might ditch the fingerprint sensor for an iris scanner

Samsung is reportedly planning to ditch the fingerprint scanner on their next Tab release, but before you start yelling ‘security breach!’, hear them out… It’s almost certain the company will include its Intelligent Scan feature on the Galaxy Tab S4. The security feature makes use of an iris scanner and facial recognition tech at the same time, and is currently available on the Samsung Galax...[Read More]

This is DC Universe, the super-streaming service

We would be lying if we told you we haven’t thought about a Marvel/DC crossover streaming service recently: The two universes finally putting their differences aside to provide entertainment for the good of man-(and streaming-)kind — not probable, though not completely outside of the realm of possibility either. And we’re already part of the way there.  At San Diego Comic-Con 2018 DC C...[Read More]

Thai cave rescue’s dramatic conclusion last week reminded us that the world is a good place

Last week’s extraordinary rescue of 12 teenager soccer players and their coach from monsoon-flooded caves in Thailand will be one of the defining stories of this generation. It has all the hallmarks of great literature: an ill-fated adventure into a cave before sudden floods trap the boys, a chance discovery by a cave diver, an improbable rescue scenario competed against the odds with internationa...[Read More]

Technology doesn’t have to be lonely: encouraging dialogue over diatribe

Do you ever feel like when you post to Facebook, you’re publishing into a void where nobody is listening? You’re not the only one. A recent study reported that people are lonelier and more depressed due to technology – and it’s making us feel isolated. But, while technology is at the heart of it, we believe it’s not technology itself that’s the problem, rather it’s how we use it. Technology can ma...[Read More]

Samsung’s foldable phone will most likely launch next year

The  company behind the ultimate slide phone, the Samsung E840, might launch the future equivalent next year — a foldable phone. And we’re not talking about an updated Motorola Razr, but rather a smartphone with a 7in touchscreen display… that folds in half. There has been a lot of speculation about Samsung’s foldable device in recent months, but this is the first information received ...[Read More]

Instagram testing a feature that lets users remove followers

Collecting followers on Instagram has become a lot like collecting stickers in primary school in the 90’s, except now everyone can see your progress. The other big difference is that a high enough follower count could mean social acceptance, humanitarian reach, or even the possibility of being sponsored. Nobody ever offered a 90’s kid a sticker sponsorship.  Sometimes, though, you’d like to ...[Read More]

Netflix launches new interface for smart TVs

Netflix is (almost) essential in a modern, connected society, and the platform-slash-interface plays an integral role in a user’s experience. Nothing’s more annoying than accidentally tapping the ‘Back’ button on a TV remote and being redirected back to the top of the app. Cue the sigh of annoyance at having to type ‘Breaking Bad’  into the search bar all over again with your remote control. You c...[Read More]

General Magic: The tech doccie trailer you didn’t know you needed, about a company you’ve never heard of

It is written by the late, great Terry Pratchett in The Way of Mrs. Cosmopilite, there’s a lot that goes on that we don’t know about. Hey, it works for Lu-Tze. But there’s also a bit of truth there for the rest of us, as this trailer for General Magic shows. And don’t feel bad if the words ‘General Magic’ don’t immediately throw up a memory of a Silicon Va...[Read More]

How quantum computers could steal your bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have recently captured the public’s imagination because they offer an exciting alternative to traditional monetary systems. Bitcoin transactions are essentially a series of puzzles stored in public on the blockchain. The puzzles used to protect bitcoin are so complex that current computer technology isn’t powerful enough to crack them. But quantum computers could crac...[Read More]

What you get on Showmax that you can’t stream anywhere else

When it comes to streaming in South Africa, it’s tough to get everything in one place. You’re keen on music? Spotify is your go-to, with Deezer and Joox following behind with varying levels of genre and content support. A confirmed anime nut with Naruto on the brain? You’re probably going to want a Crunchyroll sub, though Netflix has been plumping up its available content for South Africa of late....[Read More]

Do I want an always-on digital assistant listening in all the time?

The smart device market is exploding. Smart home kits for retrofitting “non-smart” houses have become cheaper. Earlier this year, Apple released the HomePod speaker, the company’s response to dominant smart devices Google Home and Amazon Echo. Amazon, too, is expanding its lineup. Recently, it debuted the Amazon Echo Look, promising to make users more stylish. All of these smart devices are equipp...[Read More]

Skype update brings us HD video and mentions, with call recording coming soon

After nearly 15 years in the video-calling business, Skype has rolled out an update that’s long overdue — and it includes call/video recording and end-to-end encryption. Skype’s update is available on all desktop devices, including Linux, macOS, and Windows. It’s called Skype v8.0 and is reportedly the only version that will work after the first of September. Tell your friends, video c...[Read More]

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