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Why QLED TV is the technology to watch out for in 2019

QLED TVs use quantum dots to enhance performance, delivering better brightness and a wider colour spectrum. That’s because the dots act like a filter when applied on top of an LED backlight. This produces a light purer than an LED can provide.

Shortly after Mark Zuckerberg’s “privacy-focused vision” a WhatsApp vulnerability reveals how hard this new direction is for Facebook

That didn’t take long. Facebook's new plan to be more secure lasted just two months since Zuckerberg's pronouncement in early March about this shift after 2018's annus horribilis.

AI develops human-like number sense – taking us a step closer to building machines with general intelligence

We might be on the right track to achieve a more comprehensive, human-level artificial intelligence. Applying this kind of learning to other tasks – perhaps applying it to signals...

Fujifilm’s 102MP GFX100 camera is coming to South Africa later this year

Fujifilm has confirmed its 102MP GFX100 medium-format mirrorless camera will be coming to SA later this year.

How the US trade ban is affecting Huawei’s hardware partnerships

Over the past few days, we’ve seen US-based companies line up to sever their ties with the Chinese telecom giant, Huawei.

Digit, Ford’s vision of our future robot overlords, fits in the boot of a car and delivers things

The end of humanity isn't going to come as a result of military robots taking it into their silicon heads to wipe us all out. It's going to be the result of domestic robots doing that very thing. At least, that's how the science fiction goes. And seeing Digit, the creation of Ford and a robotics startup called Agility Robotics, hasn't really assured us that things will go otherwise. But that's mos...[Read More]

Make your own robot Doggo, thanks to Stanford students

We’ve seen enough creepier-than-fiction four (and two) legged robots from Boston Dynamics to know that these critters will rule over humans in the future. And now we can help the takeover start faster by making our own robo-doggos, with a project called Doggo. A group of Stanford students created Doggo, a four-legged bot that can dance, backflip, jump and trot without requiring much fancy hardware...[Read More]

Robotic health care is coming to a hospital near you

In one San Francisco hospital and other places, delivery robots – about the size of a mini-fridge – zip through the hallways delivering pills, bringing lunch to patients and ferrying specimens and medical equipment to different labs

iStore’s ‘Big Annual Sale’ starts this Thursday

The annual Apple iStore sale is almost upon us, and will be available at all iStores nationally from 23 May to 9 June.

We’re heading to the bar. The Sonos Playbar

Your television set does a whole lot for you. It provides a screen for movies, series, streaming services, satellite transmissions, and video games – as well as a few other uses we might not have considered. You should do something nice for it: like adding a new Playbar from Sonos. Why? Because Sonos’ Playbar provides cinematic sound for music, TV, movies, and more, offers functions like Speech En...[Read More]

Standard Bank’s MyMo account is its big all-mobile, low-cost play

Standard Bank has launched a new transactional bank account called MyMo that has a base, monthly fee of R4.95/month and includes a Standard Bank Mobile SIM card.

If you need more power, Apple’s updated MacBook Pros have eight cores

Apple’s top laptops just received a big update -- its 15in and 13in MacBook Pro’s will launch with faster Intel processors.

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