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Toby Shapshak

Editor, columnist, strategist and speaker; Toby writes and speaks about Innovation. And Africa. Most eloquently about Innovation in Africa. Through a range of media, from newspapers to television and radio, he speaks regularly on the trends in technology and innovation; and where they are going.

Unguarded comments by Mark Zuckerberg reveal Facebook’s ready to “fight”

Facebook will take it "to the mat and fight". This is what CEO Mark Zuckerberg said about any potential legal challenge from the government to break it up.



BMW i8 Roadster review: Tron’s new car

The BMW i8 Roadster is the future of motoring, and it certainly looks – and drives – the part. Stuff took the hybrid out on a trip.

Under pressure to aid mental illnesses, Facebook is hiding how many people like a post

Having built its social media empire on the power of a like, Facebook is reaping the consequences of this online beauty contest.

Striking against tech change is self-defeating

Friday's bank strike is likely to do more damage to the unions than their intended targets as banks will show how they can survive without labour.

Have you heard? The hazards of voice assistants

Voice assistants are recording everything said by their owners, some of which – including sex and medical records – are being heard by humans for quality control.

Finance minister Tito Mboweni shows that territorial infighting is still dominating government while the economy burns

South Africans can be forgiven for being confused by the release, and subsequent condemnation, of a broad-ranging policy document this week.

How 24 started our binge-watching world

The Collins Word of the year in 2015 was binge-watching, now not only is binging part of the dictionary but it's part of our lives.

We live in a golden age of television that explores human nature as novels once used to

With new streaming services emerging as alternatives to the traditional broadcasters and an "unprecedented" splurge on making original content, television viewers have never had it this good.

A preferred partner ripped off Instagram user data, right under Facebook’s nose

Facebook’s decision to rebrand its Instagram and WhatsApp apps as part of the Facebook empire, seems ironically well-timed as the data privacy sins of the parent were revealed to be as common at the photo-sharing app. Last week it emerged that Instagram allowed its users’ personal data to be violated by an outside company which harvested large amounts of info it wasn’t supposed t...[Read More]

Telkom’s clever use of its mobile networks demonstrates how the once sluggish monopoly has evolved into a nimble underdog

Telkom, which has battled copper cable theft for decades, has started transitioning its landline users to it mobile network. Instead of my 91-year-old mother's phone using wires to connect to the network, it now uses Telkom's mobile network. It's been a game changer.

The brazen attack on City Power is a sign of the growing confidence of cybercriminals to exploit software weaknesses for financial gain

If you thought last week's ransomware attack on City Power sounded like a movie script, it’s because that kind of scary possibility has been fictional fodder for years. Films have long proposed the idea of hackers taking over a computer network for their own nefarious ends.

Facebook’s attempts to capture financial services through a cryptocurrency is a step too far, as US lawmakers find their teeth

During hearings into Facebook's new Libra cryptocurrency, she grilled David Marcus, the head of its Calibra wallet, which is how its users will interact with Libra. "So, we are discussing a currency controlled by an undemocratically selected coalition of largely massive corporations. Do you believe currency is a public good?"

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