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Ubuntu smartphones will be pitching up in global markets this year

Canonical, with the assistance of Spanish and Chinese mobile device partners, will be rolling out Ubuntu-based smartphones around the world later in 2014. The partnership will see Spanish company bq and Chinese outfit Meizu teaming up with Canonical to ship “…the first Ubuntu devices on the latest hardware”. An Ubuntu smartphone operating system has been a goal for Canonical for ...[Read More]

Waterproof Galaxy S 5 rumours surface ahead of MWC reveal

Samsung’s Unpacked event at Mobile World Congress this year will feature the reveal of the Galaxy S 5 and possibly a new Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Of course, this means that the rumour mill is spinning up regarding the company’s new flagship smartphone. The newest round of speculation has pinned a few new attributes onto the Galaxy S 5, namely waterproof and dustproof properties accordin...[Read More]

Facebook acquiring WhatsApp (for $16 billion)

Facebook is set to make another very large purchase. The social network is going to be buying messaging service WhatsApp for the sum of $16 billion and, according to an SEC filing, this sum will be split between $4 billion in cash and $12 billion in Facebook stocks. A further $3 billion is Facebook stock will “…granted to WhatsApp’s founders and employees that will vest over four years...[Read More]

Open source clothing manufacture is apparently a reality

Buying new clothes can become quite the budget breaker, and not everyone can knit clothing that could or should be allowed to see the light of day. Correcting this is the basic premise behind OpenKnit, a company that aims to provide an open source alternative to clothing manufacture. On their site you can get the plans to build your own manufacturing machine, which will cost you somewhere in the a...[Read More]

We’ve seen this movie before – Toy Fair 2014 showcases a talking teddy bear

We seen talking toys before but very few, if any, make use of a smartphone app that acts as an AI brain for a plush figure that is able to talk to its owners. Knows as the WikiBear, this little teddy The video from the event, filmed by Popular Science, has some footage of the prototype teddy in action. The toy’s creator has reportedly said that the final version of the teddy won’t soun...[Read More]

Samsung preparing to release new Galaxy Gear models next week

We’ve already posted about Samsung’s rumoured unveiling of the Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and it seems that the tech giant is also planning on unveiling its latest version of the Gear. The current Gear hasn’t exactly been doing well, and was critiqued for having an uninspiring battery life and clunky appearance, amongst other things. Samsung is thought to be improvi...[Read More]

So much for the Xbox One – Nvidia’s new GTX 750 Ti will make Titanfall very happy

The PC vs. console debate has been raging for about as long as gamers have had access to both (Stuff isn’t taking any sides, they’re both awesome) but Nvidia’s newest GPUs will be throwing some extra fuel onto the fire. A newly-released crop of graphics cards have been tested and Nvidia’s mid-range GTX 750 Ti has outdone Microsoft’s new console’s performance wit...[Read More]

An introduction to Titanfall’s Burn Cards (and how to use them)

Upcoming multiplayer shooter Titanfall has got a very interesting take on the Perk systems that have become a standard in games thanks to the influence of the Call of Duty series. The video above, posted on the Xbox YouTube account, gives a rundown of the types of cards that players will be able to use, from weapon and player upgrades to the awesome-looking Pull Rank card, which allows players to ...[Read More]

Sony may be unveiling a successor to the Xperia Tablet Z at MWC

Sony’s Xperia Tablet Z is getting on a little but it has a successor waiting in the wings. A collection of specifications and an image from @evleaks strongly suggests that Sony will be announcing a sequel to the Xperia Tablet Z, possibly called Xperia Tablet Z2. The Xperia Tablet Z2, assuming that is actually its official title, will sport a 10.1-inch 1,920 x 1,200 Triluminous display accord...[Read More]

Huawei teasing upcoming MWC announcements, two tablets and a phone

Huawei (and everyone else in the mobile industry) is planning something rather big for Mobile World Congress next week. The difference is that, so far, only Huawei has released a video poking at Apple and Samsung using a slightly robotic voice and a few well-angled product teaser shots. Huawei will be unveiling a new slim tablet that, if you believe the teaser video, has a battery that needs to be...[Read More]

Details of a new ‘entry-level’ touchscreen BlackBerry, the Z3, leak

BlackBerry might be dropping a new touchscreen BlackBerry 10 device on users come Mobile World Congress this year, if a leaked image and spec list for the device prove to be accurate. The images are only renders of the device but a source for Foxconn is reported as saying that we’ll be seen in the real thing at MWC 2014. The specs for the device, which is believed to be the BlackBerry Z3 (co...[Read More]

Nanomotors controlled for the first time in human cells

Scientists at Penn State University have, in a major breakthrough for nanotechnology, successfully controlled nanomotors in living human cells. It’s a breakthrough because earlier versions of nanomotors ran on toxic fuels and, while we’re no experts, we guess that was bad for the cells involved. These nanomotors are tiny rod-shaped bits of tech that are propelled via ultrasonic waves and steered w...[Read More]

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