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A user’s guide to self-driving cars

A controversy had Tesla at the centre of the debate in 2016, when it announced it would release self-driving capabilities over-the-air to their vehicles. Similar to what happened with Mercedes-Benz, the company was criticized for misleading advertising and “overstating the autonomy of its vehicles.”

Samsung is bringing some Buds (and their fitness friends) to the party

Samsung wasn't content to reveal their first folding smartphone and three new Galaxy S10 models at this year's Unpacked even in San Fran. No, they took the wraps off a set of wireless earbuds and two new fitness-focused wearables, too.

Android Q: What we know so far

Do you have Android Pie? We don’t have Android Pie yet (few in SA do) but we’ve already got some idea of what the as-yet unnamed successor Android Q will entail. Like smartphone leaks, keeping secrets about Google’s next mobile operating system instalment is tough to do. In this case, those intrepid folks from the XDA Developer’s Forum have managed to get their hands on an ...[Read More]

With BMW, high-tech features come standard

There are lots of reasons BMW drivers love their cars. For some, it’s the sheer driving pleasure offered by precision engineering, passionate design and attention to detail. For others, it’s the numerous creature comforts that combine to create vehicles that are as luxurious as they are engaging to drive. But for the technologically minded, there’s another reason they chose BMW: the cutting-edge t...[Read More]

Let’s have a look at Vespa’s Elettrica, the brand’s first all-electric scooter

You know the motor industry is changing when even vehicles that don’t use a whole lot of gas start going electric. Piaggio, the Italian company behind Vespa, is going eco-friendly with their new Elettrica. And if the name isn’t a gigantic clue, the Vespa Elettrica is the company’s first all-electric scooter. And, like most Vespa scooters, the Elettrica doesn’t look like muc...[Read More]

WhatsApp could be getting Dark Mode, swipe-to-reply features for Android

WhatsApp has had itself a fairly busy year. When its user numbers aren’t climbing to Facebook-like levels it has been getting new features, like groups with an administrator and a whole lot less reply-spam to group video calling, like we’re in some 1990s tech future. And we could be in for a new more changes soon. The folks over at XDA Developers have spotted a few features that may be...[Read More]

Why it’s time to give Showmax a(nother) try in 2018

It’s been three years since Showmax first launched in South Africa. Here’s a look at some of the biggest changes, from Originals to apps.Showmax is the longest-running streaming service in South Africa. Since it first launched in 2015, a number of early streaming competitors, like VIDI and OnTapTV, have fallen by the wayside while even more players have joined the fray including Netflix, Amazon Pr...[Read More]

Apple is going dark and dry with macOS Mojave

iOS 12 wasn’t the only thing that Apple showed off to the world last night — there was also a first look at the company’s newest desktop operating system: macOS Mojave. Or, if you want to be quite dry and specific, macOS 10.14. But what does the new OS entail? We’ve got a rundown of the best incoming features here. Into The Desert The first, most obvious, and perhaps most u...[Read More]

All of the new features coming to iOS 12

Apple’s iOS 12 took centre stage at this year’s WWDC conference, with a large collection of updates and upgrades coming to the mobile operating system. There’s nothing especially ground-breaking on the way but the changes that are coming are welcome ones. We’ve collected the best of the new features on the cards for iOS devices here so you know what to expect from the updat...[Read More]

The first notchless, bezelless flagship might come from Lenovo

Ah, dreaded notches — can’t live with them, and can’t squeeze front-facing cameras into almost edge-to-edge displays without them. Unless you’re Vivo, which used a pop-up camera in the edge of its concept Apex handset to get around this problem. Now Chinese hardware maker Lenovo, which owns Motorola, has teased its own take on a bezelless, notchless phone. Every big-name smartpho...[Read More]

The key features of the Samsung Galaxy S9, shot and edited on a Samsung Galaxy S9

What do you get when you take a Samsung Galaxy S9, an S9+, a magazine editor and a swimming pool and put them all together? A speedy review of a phone shot on the phone itself, that’s what. Filmed using a Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. Sample devices courtesy of Samsung Mobile South Africa. Edited using Adobe Premiere Clip for Android.

Fit parade: the 11 best tips and tricks for your new Fitbit

We’ve been using Fitbits since 2009 – amazingly, they’ve been around almost as long as iPhones. Their world has changed a lot since those days. Fitbit is no longer just a way to get you off your backside by obsessing over your step count (although they’re pretty good for that too). It’s a whole lifestyle platform that can get you to retrain your brain to think, and be, more healthy in ...[Read More]

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