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All of the new features coming to iOS 12

Apple’s iOS 12 took centre stage at this year’s WWDC conference, with a large collection of updates and upgrades coming to the mobile operating system. There’s nothing especially ground-breaking on the way but the changes that are coming are welcome ones. We’ve collected the best of the new features on the cards for iOS devices here so you know what to expect from the updat...[Read More]

The first notchless, bezelless flagship might come from Lenovo

Ah, dreaded notches — can’t live with them, and can’t squeeze front-facing cameras into almost edge-to-edge displays without them. Unless you’re Vivo, which used a pop-up camera in the edge of its concept Apex handset to get around this problem. Now Chinese hardware maker Lenovo, which owns Motorola, has teased its own take on a bezelless, notchless phone. Every big-name smartpho...[Read More]

The key features of the Samsung Galaxy S9, shot and edited on a Samsung Galaxy S9

What do you get when you take a Samsung Galaxy S9, an S9+, a magazine editor and a swimming pool and put them all together? A speedy review of a phone shot on the phone itself, that’s what. Filmed using a Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. Sample devices courtesy of Samsung Mobile South Africa. Edited using Adobe Premiere Clip for Android.

Fit parade: the 11 best tips and tricks for your new Fitbit

We’ve been using Fitbits since 2009 – amazingly, they’ve been around almost as long as iPhones. Their world has changed a lot since those days. Fitbit is no longer just a way to get you off your backside by obsessing over your step count (although they’re pretty good for that too). It’s a whole lifestyle platform that can get you to retrain your brain to think, and be, more healthy in ...[Read More]

8 things we love about the Apple iPhone X – and 5 we don’t

The iPhone X is nearly here and it’s a showstopper: Apple has finally revamped the iPhone after a few years of sticking with the same design. It’s a huge shift, though, dropping the home button in favour of gesture-driven navigation, facial recognition for security, and an all-screen face. It’s also gorgeous, though, and feels like the truly exciting, ultra-premium upgrade weR...[Read More]

Your Nintendo Switch just got smarter

Nintendo’s Switch has always been a good console, all the way back to launch day, but it wasn’t perfect. It still isn’t, truth be told, but it has managed to get a little better than it was. A new system update has brought along features that have been missing from the Switch, notably the ability to record video and transfer save files. The save-file transfer feature was a no-bra...[Read More]

The 16 best new iOS 11 features – and how to use them

When iOS 11 was announced, we suggested it would make iPad awesome all over again. But the truth is it’s a slice of awesome whatever iOS device you’re rocking. On iPad, iOS 11 is Apple’s attempt to marry desktop power with iOS elegance – hence the Files app, drag and drop, and souped-up multitasking. But iPhone owners aren’t left in the lurch, because they get plenty of goodies, too. So delve into...[Read More]

5 things we love about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – and 3 we don’t

After last year’s flaming debacle that was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, we’re pleased to confirm that the Galaxy Note 8 is here – and it’s rather excellent. Granted, it took some time for the problem to emerge last year, but we’re hopeful that the Note 8 will survive for the long haul and reestablish Samsung’s stylus-centric, super-sized smartphone line. But the G...[Read More]

Google Android 8.0 Oreo: Everything you need to know

Google just can’t get enough sweet treats, at least as far as Android is concerned. There’s a new tooth-destroying update every year, and Oreo is the latest. As well as a new name, version 8.0 Oreo will also bring a whole host of new features to the mobile OS. It’s still early days, but we’ve already got a long list of what to expect once the update arrives. If you don̵...[Read More]

14 tips and tricks to level up your Snapchat game

Snapchat is one of the most popular photo sharing apps around, but with frequent updates and hidden features, being a Snapchat pro is a skill that requires real creativity and the right intel. If you’re itching to up your Snapchat skills, these tips and tricks will make sure your game is on fire, putting you way ahead of the guys who have just discovered the dog face filter. Edit Like A Pro If sti...[Read More]

In the July/Aug 2017 issue of Stuff Magazine

We love being the bearers of good news, and we’ve got a whole lot of it for you right here. For starters, we’re officially more than halfway through winter. Then there’s the fact that a different sort of winter is coming to screens near you — and us — in about a week (mmm, dragons). And last, but most importantly, the July/August 2017 issue of Stuff Magazine is now on...[Read More]

Microsoft Xbox One X: Should you upgrade?

Last year, Microsoft released a 4K-capable revision of the Xbox One called the Xbox One S. And this year, Microsoft will release a 4K-capable revision called the Xbox One X. Confused? Don’t worry: you’re surely not alone in that. Last year’s console was something of a half-step measure designed to appeal to new 4K TV-buyers, but the Xbox One X is a properly premium upgrade, packi...[Read More]

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