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Marcé Bester

Marce is the Deputy Digital Editor at Stuff Magazine.

DJs will soon be able to mix while streaming music on SoundCloud

Who even needs hard drives anymore? Streaming is so much more convenient, and doesn’t fill up all the space on 128GB smartphones — so you have more space for pictures of your pug. Not all streaming offerings are cut from the same cloth, though. Outfits like SoundCloud have had to […]

Apple confirms an event for 30 October, here’s what to expect

Apple has been busy this year, announcing three new handsets a few months ago, brand new OS updates across the board, and a slew of rumours about other hardware to follow. We’ll likely see the company’s new iPad Pro and Mac products at their just-announced 30 October event. The company […]

Spotify announces more Premium features and an updated Wear OS app

The world’s most popular music streaming service, Spotify, has recently announced a whole range of new features for its Premium-tier users, as well as an app for Google’s Wear OS. Firstly, the Spotify Premium changes — the most noteworthy of which is the streamlined navigation in the app (we appreciate […]

Sean Bean is tired of being killed on TV, opts to be an Elusive Target in Hitman 2

The developers of the highly anticipated Hitman 2 have announced who one of the main targets in the game will be — and it’s none other than oft-killed actor, Sean Bean. Developers behind the Hitman series, IO Interactive, revealed the first post-release content for the upcoming Hitman 2. It includes the […]

Phone makers will now have to pay for pre-installed Google apps

The excitement of buying a new phone is slightly diluted, because you kinda already know what you’re gonna get. And if it’s an Android you know it’ll have some kind of Android OS, a bunch of bloatware you won’t use, and a range of Google apps. Sometimes just Search and […]

Winamp will be back in 2019 — with an all-in-one music service

Do you even Apple Music, bro? Or do you Spotify? Or maybe you only listen to podcasts on whatever third-party app you downloaded first? Audio streaming services are all over the place, and there’s another one coming. You won’t believe who hopes to organise your music library… again. Winamp, the […]

Joox partners with DStv so you can stream music for free

Multichoice’s DStv is on a path to “put together the best 360 entertainment package in South Africa”, according to a press release announcing a new partnership. The new partner? Local streaming service (think a South African Spotify), Joox… which, not coincidentally, is also part of the Naspers stable that includes […]

MTN is offering users free call minutes. Hope your friends are all on MTN

Not even a month after MTN halted free Twitter on the network, they’ve decided to become charitable again by giving their users free call minutes. Maybe we need to start calling people again rather than tweeting at them? Yeah, not gonna happen. There are conditions, though — the call minutes […]

The Facebook hack ‘only’ affected 30 million accounts — what we know about the Hackening

Additional information has surfaced that the Facebook hack that occurred on 25 September affected a total of 30 million accounts, instead of the 50 million initially reported. Yup, that makes us feel much better. Thanks Facebook. We already know what happened. Facebook’s ‘View as’ feature was compromised to give hackers access […]

You can now play Fortnite on Android without an invite

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 owners got the first taste of Fortnite on Android a few months ago. And after that the only way to gain access to the game was by receiving a coveted ‘invite’ from Epic Games. That’s changed, finally.  Now almost anyone with Android 8.0 Oreo or higher […]

Fujifilm X-T3 Unboxing

The Fujifilm X-T3 landed in South Africa at the beginning of October. We were fortunate enough to get one of the first units, so we unboxed it immediately, of course. This is a great upgrade to the X-T2, which we absolutely love. The X-T3 has a 26.1MP APS-C sensor, it […]

Apple is giving away their original content… for free?

Earlier this year Apple announced that they are producing their own range of original shows. And initially, it sounded like a strange thing — for Apple to go up against the likes of Netflix and Amazon, but now it looks like they just want to spoil their users… or further […]

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