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Marcé Bester

Marce is the Deputy Editor at Stuff Magazine.

South Africa’s first homegrown smartphone — Mara factory opens in Durban

Today, Rwandan smartphone company Mara Group opened its second factory in Africa. And here are the Mara devices it'll produce.

The Fitbit Versa 2 launches in South Africa: Here are 6 cool things you can do with it

Fitbit recently introduced its next-gen smartwatch -- the Versa 2. It has a brilliant AMOLED display, an always-on option and even more apps. 

Stuffed Ep 27 – KaiOS can turn a feature phone into so much more

Toby Shapshak speaks to the marketing director at Kai OS, Tim Metz, to discuss feature phones that can run selected smartphone apps.

Stuff goes gaming: rAge 2019 Gaming Expo walkthrough

Whether you made it to rAge 2019 or not, here's the expo floor recap by Stuff. This year's rAge had just about everything geekworthy, have a look.

Fortnite starts a new Chapter with a new, wetter map

The mass panic is over -- because the beloved battle royale game, Fortnite, is back with a new map, updated mechanics and a whole lot of water.

Stuffed Ep 27 – Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ features explained

Samsung's Justin Hume joins Toby Shapshak to discuss the Samsung Galaxy Note 10's features in even more detail.

Google said iPhones had a security flaw, and Apple shot back

Back in June, Google discovered a range of security flaws in iPhone software that injected malicious code into phones. Here's what happened.

Light Start: Fortnite has disappeared, Quake with RTX, take calls on your PC and iOS 13 bugs

Fortnite is gone, RTX is coming to classic games, you can now answer a call on your PC (if you dare), and you cannot answer calls on iOS 13.

Merging of the 10s – Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 will get Android 10 soon

It looks like Samsung flagship owners may be the first to have access to the new Android 10 beta. It'll start rolling out to the US and EU in October.

Uber launches a ‘Pet’ option, because what about Rocky and Rex?

We’d like to see an Uber driver’s face as the passenger strategically tries to fit two Great Danes into his Corolla. With the launch of Uber Pet, people can now do that. 



Asus ROG Strix Scar III review: Business casual at a trance festival

The Asus Scar range has always been best-in-class. Notably, because they feature some of the best processors and GPU’s on the market - here's what we thought about the Scar III.

Go dark in Instagram now, if you want to

We’ve already seen a range of apps adopt the new look, like Gmail, WhatsApp, Twitter and Pinterest. Now Instagram has joined the dark forces.

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