Huawei’s Watch GT 2 Pro has all the features you want, and the features you need


A lot has already been said about Huawei’s Watch GT 2 Pro, the upcoming fitness watch from the Chinese brand. We know that it looks absolutely fantastic, featuring upgrades to everything from watch faces to build materials –there are a host of fitness features to look forward to. A few of these have already been detailed but there’s always room for a little more exposition – especially when the features in question are as good as the Watch GT 2 Pro offers prospective users. 

If it’s not enough that your device looks grand, feels sturdily built and contains the sort of software customization that would make past-you wish they were present-day you, then you’re in luck. The Watch GT 2 does everything you could possibly want from it. Even better, it does everything you could possibly need, too. 

The world’s greatest detector

The Watch GT 2 offers a raft of detective technologies that’ll live on your wrist and make life as great as you’ve always wished it was. There’s Huawei’s TruSeen™ heart rate technology, TruSleep™2.0 and blood oxygen saturation measurement, as well as stress monitoring with the company’s TruRalex tech being built in. These functions take care of everything you could possibly want monitored, returning the metric you need to improve your fitness by leaps and bounds. 

TruSeen heart rate monitoring makes use of multiple sensors and Huawei’s AI neural tech to return more accurate results than ever before from this fourth-gen innovation. Special attention has been paid to improving the accuracy of tracking during sports – which is when you really, really need the correct numbers at your disposal. 

TruSleep, as the name suggests, is Huawei’s sleep-tracking tech. Developed over several years, it’ll let users identify six different sleep issues and disorders, including insomnia, light sleep, mid-sleep awakenings, waking up too early, dreaminess and irregular bedtime. Sleep is, arguably, more important than daytime fitness so high accuracy here is essential. And that’s what Huawei’s device provides.  

Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and Huawei’s TruRalex measurements might seem like nice-to-haves but they’re really more important than that. SpO2 measurements are an early indicator of respiratory issues (should there happen to be any), while stress measurements point towards your current mental state. Healthy lungs and a healthy mind are the two issues the world has been most concerned with in 2020 – this is your solution to both, right here. 

Control issues

The Watch GT 2 Pro isn’t all about keeping a weather eye on your wrist, though. It also gives users the ability to control all sorts of things at close range. Expect access to Bluetooth calls on your arm, the ability to remote control a smartphone camera, music controls on a smartphone and even access to notifications. 

Huawei’s Watch GT 2 Pro can conduct a call over Bluetooth but that’s not new. What is new is the range – you can get up to 150 metres from your smartphone and stay connected to your call. The watch’s UI also natively supports music control when paired with a Huawei device, but you can also store MP3 files on the GT 2 Pro itself. There’s enough space for up to 500 tracks, ensuring you’ve always got your tunes handy. Also, the Bluetooth access provides for a Find My Phone feature. If you’re absent-minded, worry no more. 

Using a Huawei smartphone, users can control their smartphone cameras using the GT 2 Pro. Shutter control is possible but setting a timer from your wrist is also an option, if you’re up to something seriously creative, photography-wise. 

Which leaves notifications, which are extensively supported here. Everything from calls to SMS, app messages, social media and calendar reminders are supported. Working best when paired with a Huawei smartphone, it’ll get more advanced the more advanced your Huawei hardware is. Want flight information and travel reminders? Make sure you’re rocking EMUI 9.1 or better. 

Huawei’s Watch GT 2 Pro launches in South Africa from 9 November this year and will set you back just R6,999. That’s a small price to pay for technology of this scale. 


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