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Huawei is trademarking its mobile OS, Hongmeng, in several countries following Android ban

When things are going your way, it still helps to have a backup plan. That seem to be Huawei's attitude to the ongoing China-America trade wars, which have wound up with the Chinese company on the so-called Entity List. And now that Plan B is looking more and more like a thing, the company has begun trademarking its Hongmeng mobile operating system around the world. 

“We cannot supply the PC”: Huawei postpones MateBook launch

Huawei has confirmed that it won’t launch its upcoming MateBook laptop due to the US trade ban, because it doesn't have access to Intel processors and Windows.

Don’t worry, Apple has a backup plan if US-China tensions get wack

We bet Trump didn’t consider all the repercussions when he stepped into a trade war with China, but luckily Apple, has a backup plan if things go completely sour.

Huawei’s woes continue with Facebook backing away from it, too

Future Huawei smartphones won't come with Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram pre-installed.

Life without Google is virtually impossible in this mobile smartphone era

The first problem I encountered, as I gave up Google for a week, was that I couldn't get my email. As the possibility of living without Android and Google services emerged as the US government banned American firms from dealing with Huawei, I tried to live without the world's biggest mobile operating system (OS). The short answer: it’s virtually impossible to live without Google in this smartphone...[Read More]

If Huawei makes its own mobile OS, the knock-on effects for smartphones could be drastic

When the news broke that the US government was blacklisting Huawei in the last two weeks, it seemed like another incremental escalation in the China trade war that could blow over.

We estimate China only makes $8.46 from an iPhone – and that’s why Trump’s trade war is futile

Trump’s trade war is based on a simplistic understanding of the trade balance. Expanding tariffs to more and more goods will weigh on U.S. consumers, workers and businesses. And there’s no guarantee that the final outcome will be good when the dispute ends.

How the US trade ban is affecting Huawei’s hardware partnerships

Over the past few days, we’ve seen US-based companies line up to sever their ties with the Chinese telecom giant, Huawei.

Huawei’s US trade ban is temporarily lifted, but we’re still biting our nails

This week we saw the US Trump administration place Huawei, the Chinese smartphone maker on an ‘Entity List’, but Huawei seems surprisingly calm about it all.

After Huawei, DJI could be next in America’s crosshairs

Chinese smartphone and tech-maker Huawei was placed in an unpleasant position this week, a direct result of the ongoing America-China trade war. It is possible, however, that it's not the only Chinese company entering the States' crosshairs. Chinese drone-maker DJI might find itself facing similar issues, thanks to a new alert that was just issued by America's Department of Homeland Security (DHS)...[Read More]

Got a Huawei? The company says you needn’t worry… for now

The Chinese device maker has issued a statement reassuring existing Huawei customers that their devices will continue to receive support.

Huawei phones are losing access to Google’s Android OS and apps

Google suspended business operations with Huawei effective immediately. Meaning Huawei's phones won't get future updates, access to the Google Play Store, Gmail, YouTube and other Google apps.

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