The Huawei Watch GT 2e’s battery life puts other fitness trackers to shame


A short time ago, Huawei announced its next in a line of brilliant devices, the Watch GT 2e. Designed with an active lifestyle in mind, it boasts exceptional battery life, a sleek design and 100 workout modes — ranging from traditional sports to more yoga, Pilates and pretty much any form of exercise you can think of.

Two-week battery, confirmed

The Huawei Watch GT 2e is powered by Huawei’s first self-developed wearable chipset, the Kirin A1. Thanks to this powerful little processor, the Watch GT 2e can run on even less power, providing long-lasting battery life. Ideal for those with very active daily routines, the GT 2e manages and monitors all health tracking while lasting longer than other fitness trackers. By monitoring workout-tracking, heart rate detection, sleep and all its other features daily on a two-week battery-life, the GT 2e is the perfect fitness companion.

Even more, the GT 2e features an improved Smart Power Saving 2.0 system which strikes a perfect balance of performance and power consumption, allowing for sustained battery life. This feature intelligently detects user scenarios and allocates battery power in response, whether the GT 2e is worn during workouts or in idle status. For everyday use, it will intelligently switch to the low-power mode for the dual-mode Bluetooth connection, to increase battery life by about 20%. Battery life can be improved by a further 15% if you stick to measuring heart rate in only-typical scenarios.

Every exercise mode reimagined

In a fitness-tracker and smartwatch first, the Huawei Watch GT 2e sports more than 100 exercise modes, including 15 professional sport modes, eight of which are outdoor sports (running, walking, climbing, hiking, cross-country running, cycling, open water swimming and triathlon), while the other seven are indoor sports (walking, running, cycling, swimming in a pool, free training, elliptical machine and rowing machine).

But that’s not all, fitness folks, because the GT 2e also supports tracking for another 85 sports (above the 15 base sports modes), including hip-hop, rock climbing, skateboarding, surfing, tennis, baseball. It also tracks other extreme-, leisure-, fitness-, aquatics-, and ball- sports. It’ll even automatically detect six different workouts – outdoor running, outdoor walking, indoor walking, indoor running, elliptical and rower. Who knows? Maybe you’re a natural rower and don’t even row it.

Beautifully crafted

In addition to lasting up to two weeks on a charge and supporting every sport and exercise under the sun, the Huawei Watch GT 2e is a beautifully crafted piece of tech. It’s all about expressing your individuality, so Huawei decided to give the GT 2e an all-new customisable fluororubber strap and dual-colour TPU straps. The dual-colour design gives makes the GT 2e even more customisable, according to your personal style.

The TPU material that the band is made of is soft enough for long-lasting comfortable wear without the stickiness that comes with perspiration. The whole thing is modern and sporty, and perfectly complements anyone who decides to use it on a daily basis. Thanks to the aforementioned battery-life, the GT 2e is a great daily companion. The deal is even sweeter when the Huawei Health App features nearly 200 watch faces to choose from. Show us a Rolex that can do that…

Accuracy is key when tracking health

The Huawei Watch GT 2e offers smart tracking, and has systems specifically developed for users that suffer from bradycardia or is at risk of heart failure. In this case, long battery life is an unmeasurably vital resource as regular charging intervals could leave gaps in heart-tracking data. This is especially true in the case of at-risk patients.

When at idle status (like the resting heart-rate phase of the day), if the user’s heart rate is greater than 100BPM or lower than 50BPM, lasting more than 10 minutes, the Watch GT e2 will send a notification to the user of the strange activity. At the same time, the user can use Huawei’s Health App to check all of the heart rate alerts and duration of each, which is a valuable resource if you’re prone to tracking your vitals in real-time, whatever the reason.

And if you need another reason to check out the Huawei Watch GT 2e, then native tracking of SpO2, or single blood oxygen saturation, is a prime reason to check out this wearable. This metric, tied to hypoxaemia and its ill-effects, is especially important today as the most frightening illness is respiratory in nature. The Watch GT 2e’s smarts will let you know if your SpO2 levels dip below 94% (the currently accepted norm), so you can take the relevant action – including getting thee to a hospital, if needed.

Get your Huawei Watch GT 2e from the official South African Huawei Store for just R3,499. There’s a little something extra in it for you, too.


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