Samsung might be launching an Exynos-powered laptop with AMD graphics soon


The year was 2014. It was the last time we officially saw a Samsung-made laptop in the South African market. Since then, there has been intermittent talk of the company bringing its range of computer hardware back to SA but nothing has come of it. We hope that changes.

Because Samsung’s rumoured to be trying something a little different with its notebook hardware soon. It’ll still be making the conventional stuff, but it’s what’s inside that counts. And the South Korean tech-maker is rumoured to be including Exynos processors in its Windows machines soon.

Surprising Samsung

That’s the word according to ZDNet Korea (via Engadget), which claims that the company has designs on an Exynos-powered notebook with an integrated AMD GPU a little later this year. There’s precious little detail about the potential hardware beyond this, but a little more is known about when the company will announce such a creation.

The report claims that the notebook is destined for launch later this year, with an announcement taking place around the middle of 2021, some time after the new Galaxy Note is released. Apparently the rumours of the smartphone series’ demise are just that — rumours.

We’re a little more hopeful that these rumours are more substantial. Apple’s already on to a good thing with its ARM-based notebook processors and Samsung likely wants to follow suit. We’d love to see just what that particular battle looks like.


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