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LG’s G8X will feature an in-display fingerprint reader

We're used to LG releasing its phones more than once -- there are a few instances of that in the company's history. The next phone to get another release is the third (fourth? No, third) edition of the LG G8 -- the LG G8X. Which, before you ask, is different from the LG G8S. 

WhatsApp reportedly working on a phone-less desktop version of the app

WABetaInfo, the outlet behind many notable previews for what's coming up for messaging app WhatsApp, has come up with more early info for us. This time, WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new Universal Windows Platform (UWP), as well as a new desktop version of the app. 

After the Fold – Here’s what Samsung’s next odd smartphone form factor could look like

Samsung's expandable phone has only been seen in diagram form, and there's no timeline for when we might see actual hardware.

iPhone 11 rumoured to launch with triple cameras, square camera bump

We're a long way out from Apple's annual iPhone reveal but that doesn't mean that folks aren't still (always) trying to puzzle what's coming next from the company. The newest talk about town? Apple's going to be hopping on the triple-camera bandwagon for the iPhone 11. And if it's true, helped along with an apparent design leak, we're not really sold on the design. It doesn't feel like something A...[Read More]

Apple’s rumoured AR headset could appear next year, may require an iPhone to function

Apple is supposed to have an augmented reality headset in development, though the company is being typically close-mouthed about any plans they have in that direction. But folks are on the lookout for signs of Apple's AR headset, and there is talk that we're going to see it in 2020. 

Apple could have four new iPads and a 7th-gen iPod Touch headed our way soon

It’s only been a few short months since Apple’s last iPad announcement, and even shorter since they were launched here in SA, but we may be in for another iPad reveal soon. One consisting of four new iPads (well, possibly just one or two variants) and even a new, 7th-generation iPod Touch. The folks over at MacRumours first reported on the handful of iOS 12.2 beta references revealing ...[Read More]

Android Q: What we know so far

Do you have Android Pie? We don’t have Android Pie yet (few in SA do) but we’ve already got some idea of what the as-yet unnamed successor Android Q will entail. Like smartphone leaks, keeping secrets about Google’s next mobile operating system instalment is tough to do. In this case, those intrepid folks from the XDA Developer’s Forum have managed to get their hands on an ...[Read More]

We may see Samsung’s folding ‘Galaxy F’ smartphone in March – but it’ll cost us

It took a few years for rumours of a folding Samsung phone to come to a sort of fruition but even now we’re mostly in the dark about what it will entail besides an unusual screen. Rumour is our chief method of seeing what’s going on right now and there are some fresh ones coming out of South Korea. First, a name: The Galaxy F. That’s the apparent title for Samsung’s folding...[Read More]

Stay a while and listen: Diablo might be getting its own Netflix show

Blizzard’s games, whether it’s (World of) Warcraft, Starcraft, or Diablo, have always featured the sort of animated cut-scenes that have made players wonder “What if they actually made a full movie out of this?” We’ve already seen the results with Warcraft but Diablo might be next in line, for a series adaptation this time. That’s the word according to a now-del...[Read More]

We might never see Apple’s AirPower charging mat launched

Last week’s Apple keynote announcement was packed with info — provided you wanted to hear about phones and wearable tech. There were a few announcements and updates that were conspicuous in their absence, however, with the AirPower charging mat being the prime accessory we were expecting an update on, at the very least. Announced last year, AirPower is supposed to be a charging mat bas...[Read More]

Apple’s new 6.5in iPhone apparently named the iPhone Xs Max

We’ve been privy to some unusually-detailed Apple leaks for 2018, from a very good look at the company’s newest smartphones (and a glance at the Apple Watch 4) to an early view of a new iPad Pro. And now we might have a name for Apple’s expected 6.5in iPhone — though it’s a bit of a weird one: the iPhone Xs Max. Last week we found out that the new iPhones would be bra...[Read More]

The case for Apple making a dual-SIM iPhone

We’ve only just had our best early look at an Apple phone since that time someone accidentally left a prototype in a pub but there’s something else that you might have overlooked in the excitement. Rumour is a fickle beast, especially when Apple is the subject, but there’s a fairly credible case for the company doing something unprecedented with an iPhone soon — making a du...[Read More]

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