Apple’s not done making things faster yet, plans to unveil ‘M1X’ CPU soon


One of the most exciting things Apple has announced in recent years is its own notebook processor, the Apple Silicon M1. But you had to know that wasn’t the end of it, and it’s not. A leak online claims that the next iteration of Apple’s processors, the M1X, is on the way and that it’s going to make the M1 look slow.

And, based on what the leak claims, that’s entirely possible. It’s supposed to be considerably weightier in the specs department.

M1X it up a little

The spec improvement is in one specific department as well — the number of available cores, going from eight to twelve. The M1X will supposedly stick with the same number of high-efficiency cores as the standard M1 (that’d be four, for those playing the home game) but the number of performance cores are going up to eight. That’s double the number seen in the M1, which could see quite a performance jump when needed — while still increasing battery life for Apple’s machines.

It’ll supposedly turn up first in a 16in MacBook Pro model, with the first announcement taking place as a press release — because that seems like a normal thing to do. And the leak, via Twitter account LeakApplePro, claims that a source who as seen the chip in action has said “…if you think M1 is fast, you haven’t seen M1X.” Which… fair enough. We haven’t seen M1X. Almost nobody has. Yet. But hopefully, that’ll change soon.

We’d take the current claims of Apple’s upcoming processor upgrade with a tiny pinch of salt — the company’s obviously making another ARM-based processor, because they’re not doing all that work as a once-off deal. And, based on how Apple names its processors, M1X isn’t much of a stretch to guess. But the leaker is claiming some very specific info about how the company will unveil the new silicon that shouldn’t be overlooked, meaning this could well be spot-on rather than the result of guesswork.

Source: LeaksApplePro (Twitter)


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