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Google said iPhones had a security flaw, and Apple shot back

Back in June, Google discovered a range of security flaws in iPhone software that injected malicious code into phones. Here's what happened.

Light Start: Fortnite has disappeared, Quake with RTX, take calls on your PC and iOS 13 bugs

Fortnite is gone, RTX is coming to classic games, you can now answer a call on your PC (if you dare), and you cannot answer calls on iOS 13.

iPhone 11 Pro review: Finally, a green Apple

We’re glad Apple kept the naming convention simpler this year. We got our hands on the iPhone 11 Pro in midnight green, and here's what we think.

Apple will release a familiar-looking iPhone SE2 in early 2020

Welcome to the next round of the rumour mill. This time we’ve got details on the iPhone SE2, like when we'll see it and what specs to expect.

Apple’s Mac Pro to get even more expensive thanks to Trump’s tariffs

So you’d like to see America’s trade war in action, would you? Here’s an example: Apple’s been denied a tariff exemption for some five components used in its new Mac Pro. First reported by Bloomberg, Apple may wind up paying up to 25% more for the Mac Pro’s power adaptor, charge cable, cooling system, and an IO circuit board. Also on the list are the Mac Pro’s o...[Read More]

Stuff unboxes the Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Stuff's editor-in-chief, Toby Shapshak, unboxes the newly released Apple iPhone 11 Pro in Midnight Green, here's what he thinks.

Light Start – Sideloading Google on the Mate 30, underwhelming Apple, Cool Ideas attacked and Pinkman’s back

Light Start - Sideloading Google into the Mate 30 Pro, China's underwhelming response to the iPhone 11, Cool Ideas is DDoSed, and Pinkman is back.

Apple’s new iPhone 11 priced for South Africa

It was only a matter of time before we got South African pricing for the iPhone 11 and it's turned up just in time to dent your ailing wallet. The base iPhone 11 officially starts at

Stuffed Ep 25 – What we thought about the Apple Event, how to secure your WhatsApp account and Huawei’s lack of Google apps

This week on Stuffed -- Here's what we thought about the Apple Event, how to secure your WhatsApp account and Huawei's lack of Google apps.

Watch Apple throw pretty much everything at the iPhone 11 Pro

We have it on good authority that Apple's new iPhone 11 Pro likes it rough. Or, at least, it can withstand a bit of rough treatment. That's the message being sent by Apple's new iPhone 11 Pro commercial, which sees the flagship smartphone propped in a wind tunnel and pelted with... everything. 

Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro wants to take your laptop’s job (and price tag)

The back of the iPhone 11 Pro sports three cameras with different focal lengths. Despite still being only 12 megapixels each, in this era of filters and digital enhancements, pixel-count is no longer the crucial metric.

Apple hid an easter egg in its YouTube supercut

This week we saw Apple announce a whole new range of devices on a live stream, and included an easter egg in the supercut uploaded later that day.

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