Samsung getting out of the notebook market in South Africa


Samsung will no longer be releasing notebooks for the South African market, according to reports. The move has come about as a result of reduced demand for the technology in favour of tablets and other mobile devices, which Samsung has said is more “.. aligned with the evolution of the technology market and the changing end user demands”.

Market analysis firms have been marking a decline in the PC and laptop market for some time, with shipments of both falling as tablets and smartphones rise in popularity.

ZDNet points to a recent IDC report that says that sales of notebooks and PCs in South Africa fell by over 18%, which was still better than the firm was expecting sales of the devices to do in this country over the last quarter of 2013. And, earlier this year, Digitimes reported that Samsung was looking at dramatically reducing the number of notebooks that they ship on a yearly basis following poor sales in 2013.

Source: ZDNet


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