Samsung’s Galaxy Note series will apparently continue in 2021


Industry talk had Samsung pegged as retiring its rather unique Galaxy Note lineup, folding its features into the S-series and the all-new Fold, which seems to be sticking around. The Galaxy S21 was supposed to feature S Pen support, along with the Galaxy Fold 3, with the Galaxy Note making a graceful exit from the market. At least, that was the world a couple of weeks ago.

Now, it appears, Samsung’s Note might be on-track for a 2021 launch after all. An anonymous Samsung spokesperson tells South Korean news agency Yohnap that “[w]e are preparing to release the Galaxy Note series next year.”

Another Galaxy Note before you go?

Which seems pretty conclusive, especially since The Verge spoke to Samsung, which said that it was willing to “… [confirm]plans to bring some of the most beloved features of the Galaxy Note to more device categories in 2021.” So that S Pen support is branching out, but the Note is sticking around. Samsung wasn’t willing to offer any further insight on 2021’s smartphone lineup.

But adding S Pen support to the S-series and the Fold makes the Note… kind of superfluous. The Note’s standout features have always been its size and stylus support. With smartphones getting ever large, the size advantage has taken a backseat. The Galaxy Note’s headline feature then is the S Pen, and if other devices are getting it… well, we see where we’re going with this.

Samsung’s expected to make a few announcements regarding its smartphone lineup in early January. It’s likely we’ll get a little more clarity then, so stay tuned.

Source: Yohnap



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