No more Notes: Samsung is considering folding the Note range into its other lineups


Samsung’s got a large number of smartphones at its arsenal, with the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note being its headliners. But now it’s also added the Galaxy Fold and that’s… a lot of headliners sharing a limited amount of limelight.

Which is why reports are floating around the Samsung may be doing away with its Galaxy Note lineup. And while this has been expected for ages, there’s a new report out in more mainstream press that lends extra credence to talk of a big change from Samsung in the next few months.

The last Note you’ll ever use

Reuters says, citing several sources familiar with the matter, that Samsung is looking to retire the Galaxy Note range of devices. Not retiring the tech, however. Rather, the company’s considering putting the Note’s functions into its other ranges — meaning the S and the Fold may carry the tradition forward.

Three sources have claimed that Samsung’s got no plans for a Galaxy Note to be released next year, saying that instead the Galaxy S21 will ship in 2021 with an S Pen Stylus. The Galaxy Fold 3 will apparently also be compatible with a stylus, but it will be sold separately for that handset. Given the price of the Fold, that’s probably a smart move. Adding a new peripheral on-device will just make it even more expensive.

The R&D efforts that would normally be sent in the direction of the Note will, reportedly, be shifted over to the Fold instead. The reasoning behind the range’s discontinuation? Declining sales for the handset, possibly brought on by reduced demand thanks to the wonderful time that is 2020. Samsung, when queried about its plans for its stylus-toting handset, declined to comment.



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