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Light Start: September phone releases include updated iPhones, a non-Android Huawei, finally a Fold and Android 10

This week in light start: September is gearing up to be an absolute monstrous month for phone releases. This month we'll see new iPhones, Huaweis, Folds and OSes.

Ever wondered what happens if you bend a foldable phone the other way?

Our favourite phone destroyer, JerryRigEverything, got his hands on the first foldable phone you can actually buy -- the Royole Flexpie.

We’ve got a date: The Samsung Galaxy Fold will debut in September, this time without issues (hopefully)

Samsung has revealed some specifics on how it plans to make sure the Galaxy Fold can survive long-term use, along with a new official release date. 

After the Fold – Here’s what Samsung’s next odd smartphone form factor could look like

Samsung's expandable phone has only been seen in diagram form, and there's no timeline for when we might see actual hardware.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold reportedly back on track, but still no release date for the folding phone

Samsung's first crack at something really new, the Galaxy Fold, is reportedly back up and running according to those lovely folks, the "...people familiar with the matter".

Huawei delays the folding Mate X to avoid Samsung’s mistakes

The Huawei Mate X was set to launch this June, but has been delayed because the company wants to avoid the same mistakes its competitor made.

Samsung putting the Galaxy Fold on hold is a good move, but it shouldn’t have needed to

In its race to be the first to market with a foldable smartphone Samsung forgot the far more attractive proposition of being the best. 

Samsung’s apparently figured out the issues surrounding the Galaxy Fold

Samsung's Galaxy Fold folding smartphone is supposed to be a revolutionary device, but problems with the early units sent for review led to the company shelving release while they figured out a solution. 

Stuffed Ep 18 – Samsung’s Folding fiasco and vertical TVs, Spotify hits 100m paying users, and Acast acquires Pippa

It's not a good time to be a folding phone maker if your name is Samsung, but it's a good time to be a podcaster, whatever your name is.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold’s commercial release has been postponed

After the Galaxy Fold started presenting display failures of various degrees, Samsung has confirmed that it is postponing the release of its foldable phone.

Some Samsung Galaxy Folds have screen problems and they haven’t even gone on sale yet

About a week before Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy Fold hits the consumer market, a few journalists seem to be experiencing issues with their review units.

Samsung puts its Galaxy Fold to the test… over and over again

If we didn't know any better, we'd say that this video of Samsung's Galaxy Fold smartphones being tested was part of a much longer video. A video involving some early-2000s band, possibly transformed into monkeys and singing about... well, you decide what they're singing about. It's got the same sort of vibe.

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