Light Start: StuffPlays launched, Apple’s ARM machine, shorter Spider-Man title and Fold 2 rumours


Stuff launched StuffPlays over the weekend

The sudden closure of many beloved South African print publications has shocked the local industry to its core. Following this, Stuff made the decision to adapt and use the current pandemic as an opportunity to develop an online space for gamers, geeks and techies alike to find relevant, curated content without leaving their homes. 

This is why StuffPlays was born — an effort to build a community and establish competitive esports in a central hub. This weekend, StuffPlays officially launched with a Livestream on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Gaming. The launch included a first play of Naughty Dog’s new AAA game The Last of Us Part II and the announcement of an all-digital esports league called the SGL (Stuff Gaming League). More details on the league will be announced in due time, but in the meantime, StuffPlays will bring the world daily gaming content on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and Mixer. 

Also check out the brand’s social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. The second Livestream will happen today at 16:00, so make sure to tune in.

Apple’s first ARM-based machine will likely be a MacBook Pro 13in

Normally, a PC or laptop generally runs on either Intel or AMD-based hardware in terms of CPU. Apple has been using Intel for yonks, but it looks like the company is ready to move toward its own hardware. Apple’s annual developer keynote happens today, and people are expecting them to announce its move from Intel’s chips to its own ARM-based processors for Macs. 

The well-known Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo has announced that we’ll see Apple’s first ARM-based machine in the form of a 13.3in MacBook Pro. According to the analyst, we’ll see the new device launched in Q4 2020 or Q1 2021. He also mentioned that we’ll probs see the last Intel-powered iMac this year, after which the company will start moving completely to its own processors. Apple will “even cease production of Intel-based iMacs, and switch to ARM processors, but there’s no information as to when it’ll be released” TNW reports on the matter.  

Apple has even gone beyond to make claims that its ARM-infrastructure will improve processing with up to 100%. “The Apple analyst added that it’ll take 12 to 18 months for Apple’s entire lineup to shift to ARM-based CPUs,” according to TNW.

Source: TNW

The PS5 title, Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be half the length of its predecessor

One of the biggest announcements from the PS5 launch event was the unexpected feature of a new Spider-Man title. It feels like we just got the previous Spider-Man game yesterday, but new reports suggest the follow-up title (which is a full game, and not a DLC), will be far shorter. 

Insomniac Games confirmed that it’ll be shorter than the previous game in a blog post this weekend, saying that you’ll “… experience a full story arc with Miles, one that’s more akin to a game like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy in terms of overall scope.” Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is the key phrase here, as this title has become the reference when explaining the scope and length of the narrative expansions in games. This means that the Miles Morales story arc will be a full narrative, just not very long, like we saw in the initial game. 

But it all does take place in the same universe, and the Insomniac creative director Brian Horton said that we don’t need to worry about Peter Parker — the man’s okay. So that’s some good news on top of good news. 

Source: PlayStation blog

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 rumours point to a massive display

People are keeping a keen eye on the evolution of foldable display devices. We expected the first ones to be flimsy and weird. Not many people will adopt the first in a line of new tech. But as it continues, usability and practicality evolve and the tech becomes more affordable. 

Now, rumours suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be one of the largest foldables we’ve seen. Which may make it look more akin to a foldable tablet? But maybe that’s the idea. A renowned leaker called Ice Universe on Twitter tweeted that the Galaxy Fold 2 will sport a gigantic 7.7in display, with thin 3.8mm bezels and a 4.8mm camera hole. Which will make it very, very large indeed. The original Fold features a 7.3in main display, so this upgrade would make Samsung’s foldable more tablet than phone when it is extended. It could make it feel more chinky, but we’ll have to see closer to the time of release how Samsung will make do. 

Other rumoured specs include a Snapdragon 865 processor, 5G support and the same camera array found on the Galaxy S20. Which includes a 12MP main sensor, a 3x optical zoom 64MP telephoto lens, a 12MP ultra-wide sensor and potentially even the S20 Ultra’s massive 108MP shooter. Let’s wait and see.

Source: IceUniverse


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