Marvel’s Spider-Man first impressions at Comic Con Africa


If you’re a Spidey fan in any way, make sure to get your hands on the new game by Insomniac, Marvel’s Spider-Man. The gameplay is fluid and beautiful to behold, and it’s the closest thing you’ll get to feeling like you’re flying through the New York skyline without VR.

Although Stuff will have a full review up soon, the short demo we got to play gave us the impression that gameplay with the friendly neighbourhood web crawler will no doubt make all your Spidey-senses tingle. The character moves with graceful agility while throwing punches and kicks like a seasoned superhero would, and the fast-paced combat really feels like you’re wearing the suit yourself.

The game starts off in Peter Parker’s apartment, a sneaky Amazing Spiderman comic snuck into one shot, and some bills in need of paying on the floor. But never mind the adulting, Spidey decides to go after the action instead.

You can use your wrist-flung webbing to incapacitate enemies, launch them into the air, use the environment to your advantage, and even utilise traps and flashy finishing moves like a Web Blossom to end a fight. Your Spidey senses come in handy when you need to dodge attacks, too.

That said, the combat will take some getting used to, there is certainly a learning curve when it comes to deploying the right moves in particular situations. The controls can also be complicated, especially in the heat of combat, and we found ourselves often pressing the wrong combinations of buttons when things hotted up — but all we need is practice.

The game has a great open-world feel, and we’re sure we could swing through the city for hours on end just admiring the graphics. But, as you’d expect, there are pressing missions to keep you on track or give your exploring a little focus.

Marvel’s Spider-Man released on 7 September this year, and it’s definitely quite an experience. If you own a PlayStation, get it. Definitely get it. And if you need more convincing, look out for the full review here soon.


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