Stuff Magazine launches an all-new digital gaming brand called StuffPlays


Stuff magazine, South Africa’s premier consumer technology magazine, has launched a new branch of the existing brand called StuffPlays. This will be a wholly digital endeavour to establish a platform for local and international gamers, and will be used to develop esports leagues and digital gaming communities in South Africa. 

The sudden closure of many beloved South African print publications has shocked the local industry to its core. Following this, Stuff made the decision to adapt and use the current pandemic as an opportunity to develop an online space for gamers, geeks and techies alike to find relevant, curated content without leaving their homes. This is why StuffPlays was born — an effort to build a community and establish competitive esports in a central hub. 

“Times like these call for extraordinary change. There is no better time to launch this exciting extension to the Stuff brand as conceptualised by our very capable young team,” says Sally Hudson, Stuff’s financial director. 

Gaming is an obvious extension of both Stuff’s brand, she continues. “We’ve been the trusted name in product recommendations and game reviews since we launched in 2007, and we know our gaming section has always been one of our most-read subjects,” she says.

It’s a natural progression for Stuff, which has evolved from highlighting new gadgets to showcasing how technology enhances our lives and businesses, with deeper features, how-tos and long-term reviews. “Gaming is the biggest thing in the world,” says Toby Shapshak, publisher and editor-in-chief of Stuff. “It’s bigger than Hollywood in revenue and is how the world’s teenagers spend their leisure time and communicate with each other.”

StuffPlays will utilise the existing Stuff brand by offering an online presence with video- and live stream gaming content. This will eventually evolve into the Stuff Gaming League which will feature some of the most popular esports titles in South Africa and abroad. 

“The lockdown has hit many SME’s harder than anyone could’ve expected, but the trick is to find an opportunity in the madness, which is exactly what we plan to do with this new endeavour,” says Marce Bester, Stuff’s deputy editor. 

With limited access to traditional sports due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fans are currently stuck at home with little to watch. Creating more competitive content digitally for esports is ideal in a time where team-based sports are out of the question. This is exactly why a digital esports league will work well right now. 

“There’s an opportunity to establish a community around something we and many other South Africans are incredibly passionate about. Video games are great and playing games with friends is even better. That’s how we want people to see us: as a virtual place to hang out with some buddies and play some games,” says Brad Lang, Stuff staff writer.

“Our editorial team are dyed-in-the-wool gamers who live and breathe gaming. Sally and I are incredibly proud of our Twentysomethings and how they have built this up and launched it,” Shapshak concludes.

Ready to immerse yourself in the growing world of videogames? Join StuffPlays for our first livestream today at 12pm on our channels. Check out the YouTube page, Twitch channel, and Mixer channel. Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok @StuffPlays_ZA


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