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Oculus Quest unboxing

We take a look at what's in the box of the Oculus Quest, Facebook's computer-less virtual reality headset. The Oculus Quest is now available in South Africa.

That’s just grate: YouTuber recreates Apple’s Mac Pro casing, uses it to grate cheese

It's a hard life being cheesed off, but that's just what happens when you're attempting to afford a member of Apple's lineup of computers. If you've had eyes on the massively-expensive Mac Pro announced earlier this month, though, you might be aware of its cheesier qualities. That is: a casing capable of shredding rotted bovine lactation. Or, at least, so we thought. 

YouTube is the cesspool of the internet as recent scandals around bigoted videos – and their recommendations – have shown

I’d never heard of Carlos Maza until this month, when the Vox video producer made a supercuts video of all the homophobic and racist ranting by a popular YouTuber called Steven Crowder. The right-wing pundit has 3.8m subscribers to his YouTube channel has attacked Maza repeatedly, called him an “anchor baby, a lispy queer, [and] a Mexican”.

YouTube will offer some of its premium content for free (if you don’t mind ads)

At its annual Brandcast event, YouTube announced that it’s taking some of its original shows out from behind the paywall.

Watch The Lego Movie free on YouTube this Black Friday

On Friday (you know which one), YouTube is partnering up with Warner Brothers and The Lego Movie. Why, you ask? To give everyone access to a free version of The Lego Movie for Black Friday. The sequel of the infamous ‘Everything is Awesome’ singalong is on its way, and the trailer is already available. On Friday YouTube will allow viewers to watch The Lego Movie for free as part of a promotion for...[Read More]

You can download YouTube on your Nintendo Switch today

YouTube is launching on the Nintendo Switch today, which means you can finally use the small, colourful gaming console for more than its impressive lineup of games. The first major video-streaming app launched on the Nintendo Switch, was the Hulu app in November last year. But as y’all know — we ain’t got no Hulu in this country (if you read that like a Western Sheriff, plus ten points for y...[Read More]

Oobah Butler’s Fakes Oobahs

Having created the number one restaurant in London on TripAdvisor, which never existed, serial prankster Oobah Butler has delivered another hilarious riposte to our online world. Having created a fake restaurant called for “The Shed at Dulwich” and propelled it to the top spot, Butler was inundated with media requests to appear on TV and radio shows. His antics were debated in the Singapore parlia...[Read More]

Google launches ‘data-friendly’ YouTube Go in South Africa

You may’ve heard of Android Go, Google’s lightweight version of its mobile operating system for entry-level smartphones with 1GB of RAM or less. It turns out, Google’s released a number of other ‘Go’ products to go with it, including Google Maps Go, browser Google Go and now South African users can enjoy a low-demand, low-data version of its video service, called YouT...[Read More]

Another music streaming service has entered the ring: YouTube Music launches next week

YouTube, even more than Deezer, Tidal, and Spotify, is where much of the world goes to in order to find music. A streaming service from the Google-owned video giant would make sense, given how much musical content is already hosted on its servers. YouTube Music would also be a sensible name for it, so as not to dilute the brand. See where we’re going with this? YouTube has announced YouTube ...[Read More]

Disinformation, conspiracy theories spread through YouTube, boosted by its algorithms

Forget Reddit. YouTube is the cesspool of the internet. Much has been made in this hand-wringing chapter of discovering how bad social media has become over Reddit, the chat site that is a haven for conspiracy theories and right-wing hatred. And it is bad. So much so that Reddit – which has prided itself on not “interfering” in its crazy readers’ discourse – has shut down numerous boards linked to...[Read More]

How to use Youtube for all of your music streaming needs

We have all heard the statistics — like 300 hours worth of uploads per minute and other nigh-incomprehensible numbers — and its safe to say that no person will be able to watch all of the video content on YouTube in one lifetime. Or even several. A ridiculous amount of new video content is uploaded to the website daily, and we can’t keep up. It’s literally impossible and thatR...[Read More]

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