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Blue’s Yeti X hopes to turn everyone into a pro-grade streamer or podcaster

We might have to amend that headline a little -- Blue's Yeti X hopes to turn everyone into a pro-grade streamer or podcaster, provided you're willing to shell out at least $170 (R2,500 or thereabouts) for the newly-announced mic. And provided you're able to find it here. It's possible to source the company's gear locally but we might be in for a bit of a wait. 

Facebook announces Portal TV, yet another device they couldn’t pay us to keep in the house

We haven't seen any numbers about sales but Facebook's Portal must have done okay. Why else would they announce a slightly different version, called the Portal TV, for connecting to your television set?

How 24 started our binge-watching world

The Collins Word of the year in 2015 was binge-watching, now not only is binging part of the dictionary but it's part of our lives.

We live in a golden age of television that explores human nature as novels once used to

With new streaming services emerging as alternatives to the traditional broadcasters and an "unprecedented" splurge on making original content, television viewers have never had it this good.

Sporting chances: Showmax will live stream EFC bouts and the Cricket World Cup final

Showmax recently started streaming live sport for South Africans, and will now live stream the ICC Cricket World Cup final and the upcoming 2019 EFC bouts.

You can now download Spotify Lite for Android

Spotify’s Lite app has officially launched in 36 countries including South Africa. It's designed to work on weak internet connections and is 10MB in size.

Kwesé Play boxes across the continent have stopped working

It turns out the Kwesé Play streaming box has been disconnected from its partnered streaming service, Roku, without any prior warning. 

Locking it down: Facebook Live to implement new one-strike policy for streaming violations

Facebook has been battered from all sides for failing to do enough about misuse of its systems. It's not surprising, what with many recent data breaches, misuse of user information, and abuse of its live-streaming functions leaving black marks all over the company. It's hoping to change the way that users see it, with a new one-strike policy for Facebook Live being a major change for the company. 

Take a terrifying look at DC Universe’s Swamp Thing in the first series teaser

We might have first seen it around 1 April but upcoming DC series Swamp Thing is no joke. The first teaser video for the swamp monster-featuring show has dropped and it's looking a whole lot like traditional horror fare. Suitably DC-flavoured, so there's grit, grime, and (probably) mothers named Martha everywhere. 

Disney+ launches in November this year, will cost R100pm

We've been expecting a late 2019 launch for Disney's own streaming service, Disney+, for quite some time. Now Disney has made it official, with the service officially launching on 12 November this year. As for pricing, it's going to cost just $6.99 (about R100) a month. But, before you get too excited, that launch date and pricing hasn't been announced for South Africa. Yet. 

Netflix has ditched Apple AirPlay, and this is why

Last week we saw Netflix decide to drop its AirPlay-capability, so Apple-users won’t be able to beam Netflix shows from their iPhone to their Apple TV anymore.

Apple TV gets an upgrade with Apple TV Channels, Apple TV+

Apple's Apple TV announcement was almost a disappointment, but then it went ahead and brought out the big guns by announcing Apple TV Channels and Apple TV+.

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