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Samsung’s upcoming wearables leak (through Samsung’s own app)

We treat a lot of tech leaks with suspicion -- not because it's inaccurate, but because we can't believe that they're anything more than 'leaks'. Hey, it happens. But sometimes a leak is actually a leak and we'd like to believe that this is one of them. If only because the circumstances are so weird. Samsung's upcoming range of wearable tech, which should be announced alongside a whole mess of sma...[Read More]

Samsung really wants you to know that it’s launching a folding smartphone next week

Samsung's first Unpacked event for 2019 promises to be a big one. It's scheduled for 20 February this year, a short while ahead of MWC 2019, and it's widely expected to contain details about the Galaxy S10. But what's also coming is Samsung's new folding smartphone and the company really, really wants you to be aware of that fact. 

Samsung leak: Galaxy earbuds could charge wirelessly via the S10

It looks like Samsung might beat Apple to producing wireless charging earbuds. In this case they’re called the Galaxy Buds, and we expect them to launch with the upcoming Galaxy S10 on 20 February. Leaked images from German tech website, WinFuture, show the Galaxy Buds in a case, resting on the back of what we believe to be the Galaxy S10. We’ve seen enough leaks to know about that sweet pearl ...[Read More]

Coming soon: smartphones with terabyte storage, courtesy of Samsung

Smartphones are, when you actually think about it, just little pocket-sized computers. The fact that they can make phone calls is a holdover from the days when having a phone in your car made you super-cool (or a Wall Street broker with some unusual items in your gym locker). And, like computers, smartphones constantly upgrade to faster processors, more RAM and better storage. Samsung’s been...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S10 leak: Cryptocurrency and a hole-punch display

Another day, another leak — and this time it’s the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 in the flesh… er… components? A tweet from Twitter user Ben Geskin shows what purports to be the new S10 with a hole-punch display and some interesting software we’ve not seen before: Samsung’s blockchain wallet. dubbed the ‘Samsung Blockchain KeyStore’ it appears to be a digital wallet for...[Read More]

Samsung’s three Galaxy S10 models appear in new leaked image

We’re a few weeks out from the official Galaxy S10 event, which means that it’s time to pay attention to the leaky swimming pool that is Samsung to take centre stage. Over the weekend noted leaker Evan Blass published a new image showing off all three of Samsung’s expected Galaxy S10 variants. Say hi to the Galaxy S10E, the vanilla S10, and the oversized S10+. Samsung Galaxy S10E...[Read More]

The five-camera laden Samsung Galaxy A9 has arrived in South Africa

If you’re looking to own a smartphone with four rear camera-sensors, Samsung’s got your back. Their latest device, the Samsung Galaxy A9 is available in South Africa from today. The Galaxy A9’s camera(s) is the real reason you’d want this device. It sports features such as ultra-wide angle, 2x optical zoom, live focus, scene optimiser, flaw detection, selfie focus, and a pro lighting mode. In tota...[Read More]

The Galaxy S10 cometh – Samsung sets 20 February for Unpacked 2019 reveal

It’s almost that time again, though it’s happening a little early this year. Samsung has set the date for Unpacked 2019, their annual event where we get our first proper look at the year’s flagship phones, officially. 20 February marks the reveal of the Galaxy S10 and, perhaps, Samsung’s first folding smartphone. The event takes place at 11:00 Pacific Time (PT) in the State...[Read More]

Samsung also expects profits, revenues to decline for Q4 2018

If you thought that Apple was the only major tech company with some unexpected losses for the end of 2018, first of all: That’s an awfully specific thing to be thinking. Secondly, Samsung is now also reporting that it’s expecting a decline in revenue and profits for the quarter ending 31 December 2018. The tech giant released new guidance to investors, saying that it was going to miss ...[Read More]

Apple’s reduced revenues are about more than economic slowdown – it’s about the competition

If you’re still in holiday mode, eschewing all forms of tech (and thus reading this late), you may not realise that Apple’s value took a bit of a knock in the last week. The result of the first decline in revenues for the company in sixteen years, the news that Apple was not going to reach its estimated target of $89 to $93 billion for the past quarter wiped $55 billion off the value o...[Read More]

When to expect the first 5G-enabled devices in South Africa

Before you get too excited, it’s safe to say that 5G is still quite a way off for South Africa. The problem is two fold. First, in order to roll out commercial 5G services mobile network operators need access to the radio frequency spectrum 5G requires. The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) is responsible for making that happen, but is bogged down in arguments about how ...[Read More]

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