Samsung reportedly developing a double-folding phone


Folding things is a fun activity, don’t get us wrong. When you’re stuck in a meeting that could have been an email, it’s almost instinct to pick up a piece of paper and begin folding it… but if we could do that with our phones, that would be great. Folding phones are a thing of the past and they should stay that way, yet Samsung is determined to bring them back. The latest report is that the South Korean tech giant is busy developing a double-folding phone to go alongside it’s Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip devices.

The report, which comes by way of Nikkei Asia, indicates that the next foldable phone will feature two hinges and fold into three segments. We’re trying to imagine how exactly that would work but we’re not engineers. Either the two folding screens will close on one another, or one will fold on to and the other below the main screen. The device could even launch “as soon as later this year”, but whether that proves to be accurate is anyone’s guess right now.

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Samsung folds on the Note for some more… folds

The rumour of an expanded foldable launch is somewhat surprising given that Samsung is looking at streamlining the release of its smartphones. With the Galaxy Note still an unsure factor this year, it seems strange that Samsung would go further into a particular kind of phone that consumers aren’t exactly sure of yet. The Galaxy Fold and Z Flip devices are incredibly expensive but then again, so are the Note devices. If you had to ask us, we’d be more likely to go in on a Note than a folding phone but that’s just us.

Of course, these are just rumours so take it all with a big ol’ pinch of salt. We’ll be sure to update you on any new developments regarding this story because honestly, while a double-folding phone sounds silly… we’re actually curious as to how it’ll work…

Source: The Verge


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