Samsung tries its hand at a hinge once more with the Galaxy Fold 2


Boy, I know I enjoy myself a good hinge every once in a while! All the things you can do with a decent hinge, like bending stuff and…folding other stuff. Maybe only bending and folding that stuff a little and then flattening it out again. Hinges are just magical, right? It would have been nice if the original Samsung Galaxy Fold devices was able to really channel the power of a hinge into a phone but sadly, that was a bit of a flop for the tech company. People weren’t all that keen on the price and the build quality was…well, it was less than what people have come to expect from Samsung. Which is why the opportunity to iterate and improve on that design with the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is more than a little titillating.

Look, first off, let’s just say the problem with the Galaxy Fold certainly wasn’t it’s aesthetic because it looked pretty damn sweet when it first launched. Seeing the Z Fold 2 maintain that similar design, while bringing even more heat. With a front display that certainly looks bigger, with an improved screen size and reduced bezels, the Z Fold 2 isn’t cheating you out of screen size.

Following Samsung’s Unpacked event this afternoon, we know that the Galaxy Fold 2 will support 5G functionality and has 7.6″ display with a refresh rate of 120Hz/s. It comes stocked with a 4,500 mAh battery that should apparently last all day. Samsung is punting something called UTG, or “Ultra Thin Glass” which is just super, super thin glass, meaning the device will hopefully be more durable than the Galaxy Fold and Z Flip, which both had notoriously fragile hinges.

The Galaxy Z Fold will be available in black and brown with a more exclusive “Thom Browne” edition. Sure, why the Hell not? More details on the Fold 2 are expected to be announced in September with an event dedicated specifically to the phone.


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