Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 still in line for an under-display front camera


Way back in November last year, rumours were swirling about Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 3. One of those concerned is an under-display camera for the new folding handset, a cool feature that may or may not have happened — depending on how difficult it was to implement.

It seems that the feature is still on track, at least according to leaker Ice Universe.

Know when to Fold ’em

According to the leak, Samsung’s Fold 3 has its eye on UPC — which stands for Under-Panel Camera, rather than that other acronym you can’t quite get off the front of your brain. But, as with the talk last year, its presence in Samsung’s new foldable isn’t certain yet.

What is more certain is the presence of an S Pen for the Fold 3, but even that is a somewhat ropey addition. It’s one thing to use one of Samsung’s newly-available peripherals on a glass screen but a folding display is a little more fragile. It’d be a great addition to the company’s ambitious handset range but only if it doesn’t compromise the flexible panel at all. We all remember what happened last time.

Source: Ice Universe



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