Take Note: We could see Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 3 as soon as June 2021


Samsung’s almost always up to something, with the folding smartphone being the current niche in the company’s sights. The original Fold was… okay, but the Galaxy Fold 2 was a completely different ballgame. The Galaxy Fold 3… time will tell on that score but at the moment, we’ve got some idea of what time that’ll be.

South Korean news outlet Ajunews claims that we’ll see the Galaxy Fold 3 release in June next year. What’s more, we might see a few interesting changes along with it. Changes like the introduction of an under-screen camera and support for the company’s excellent S Pen.

Note what they do with the Galaxy Fold 3

There are reports that Samsung’s looking to retire its Galaxy Note lineup, combining it into the existing S-range of devices and possibly with the Fold as well. Which… might not be a bad idea. It’s very possible to release too many smartphones in a year and Samsung… makes a lot of phones. That’s a lot of potential for brand fatigue, and just as much for cannibalising its own sales.

And the Fold 3’s apparent features list seems to bear that out. Samsung’s said to be considering an under-display camera, an innovation that might still be postponed if the company battles to retain image quality. And the company’s also looking at including the S Pen with the Fold 3, which requires tweaking the flexible display to work as well as a glass screen with Samsung’s pressure-sensitive stylus.

Odds are that any merging will take place later in the year but we should get further hints a little sooner than that. Samsung’s said to be looking at a January launch for its S21 devices. The changes there will signal just how much time the Note series has left.

Source: Ajunews (Korean) via The Next Web


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