Apple might be (secretively) announcing new hardware this week


Apple is not generally the sneakiest of companies. One of the most secretive, certainly, but sneaky? Nah. So when we found out that there’s possibly an undercover hardware launch taking place this week, we were… shall we say, surprised?

According to an internal memo seen by website MacRumours, Apple has a new… something in store for the world (provided you live in the States or the UK) as of this week. As of 8 December, to be precise, which is about typical for the company’s actions of late. Apple hosted online events in early September, October and November this year.

An Apple a month…

Only, don’t expect the company to hold another event this year. Even we’re getting a little tired of them. The memo, sent to its service providers, says that they should prepare for “AppleCare-related changes” on 8 December at 08:00 PST (which is 18:00 PST). The same sorts of memos were sent to Apple service providers in advance of the iPhone 12’s announcement, suggesting that there’s more hardware on the way. Only, this time, it’s likely to be announced via press release.

And there’s one new bit of hardware that’s expected to be announced via press release already floating around out there — the M1X processor, along with the 16in MacBook Pro it’s supposed to be riding inside.

And since a December announcement of… something… has been rumoured for some time, as per leaker @L0vetodream, late-releasing hardware from Cupertino might cap this year. The biggest mystery would be: what the heck are they announcing. Aside from the MacBook Pro, which may be a long shot, there are several lower-level entries we expected to see at the company’s various announcements that never made the cut, like Tiles, the rumoured AirPods Studio, or an upgraded Apple TV. Any of those could be announced. Or, it’s just as possible, 18:00 tomorrow will come and go without the company announcing anything at all. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: MacRumours


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