Meet the Huawei Watch Fit: The everyday wearable


Huawei has officially launched its newest smartwatch in South Africa, and it explores a completely new form factor for a wearable. You’ve seen square watches and round watches, but the Huawei Watch Fit makes a statement with its rounded rectangular face. Moreover, it is packed with flagship features for anyone from fitness fanatics, business individuals, and students.

It’s the company’s first-ever smart fitness watch with a brilliant, crisp HD face. Couple that with the impressive 10-day battery life, and the Watch Fit is the ideal companion to help users keep track of their health with detailed health tracking features all-round. The bigger face improves not only visibility in direct sunlight, but poses more possibilities in the form of visual, guided exercises.


The Huawei Watch Fit has a unique, perfectly proportioned form and a dazzling 1.64in screen. Weighing just 34g, it’s also light and sleek. Personalisation is also key here, as you’ll find on all Huawei wearable devices like the Watch GT and GT 2.

Huawei’s Watch Face Store supports more than 130 different styles and watch faces to choose from. In the personalisation settings, you’ll even have the ability to use photos from your photo gallery as your watch face. The Huawei Watch Fit strap selection also has a new soft colour scheme and a breathable strap.

The longer face orientation, along with the softer, breathable Watch Fit strap, makes for a far more comfortable wearing experience. Increased wrist ergonomics makes the Watch Fit one of the most comfortable smartwatches to wear throughout the day, while doing physical activities as well as sleeping.

 Ten-day battery life

The Huawei Watch Fit continues Huawei’s trend of long-lasting battery life in its wearable devices. Its GT range still has some of the longest-lasting wearable batteries on the market, sometimes lasting up to two weeks on a charge. The same is true for the Huawei Watch Fit.

On a single charge, the Watch Fit can last up to 10 days long. This is due to high-efficiency chipset and smart power-saving algorithms. Additionally, the Watch Fit supports Huawei’s fast charging technology. One five-minute charge can sustain the smartwatch for an entire day of typical use, while just half an hour will charge up the battery to 70%.

Even more, the Huawei Watch Fit optimises battery life technology by allocating more power when you need it most, like during a hectic workout, and less power when you’re inactive.

Animated personal trainer

Measuring 1.64 inches, the large yet perfectly proportioned AMOLED HD display lets you engage with the Huawei Watch Fit’s animated fitness courses and some other unique features. With ultra-slim bezels, enjoy the dazzling and colourful display with minimal distractions. The display also boasts 326 PPI and 16.7 million colour gamut for an immersive visual experience.

As with previous devices, you get regular prompts to get up and move a bit if you’re been inactive for a period of time. Now the prompt will include a short times workout that’s designed to get you actually moving. The bright display works wonders for this feature, with the rectangular orientation making it ideal for visual aided workouts.

Smartwatch coaching programmes can feel a bit impersonal. But that’s all about to change with the Huawei Watch Fit. With this device, you get your very own built-in personal trainer, with a set of individually animated classes demonstrating 44 standard workout sequences.

 Comprehensive health protection

If you’ve done some research about fitness, you’ll know that just exercising isn’t enough. You also need to monitor your overall health, both while you’re exercising and when you’re sedentary.

That’s why the Huawei Watch Fit watch features scientific health-tracking features that monitor heart rate, sleep, and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2).

SpO2 monitoring and stress level monitoring can be implemented to ensure users have all the data they need to keep their mind at ease. SpO2 monitoring helps users keep track of blood oxygen saturation, while stress level monitoring offers breathing exercises to help users relax.

Huawei TruSleep™ 2.0 delivers sleep stage monitoring, real-time heart rate monitoring, sleep respiration quality and big data analysis on the new Huawei Watch Fit. The watch intelligently recognises when the user falls asleep and wakes up, using this data to present a comprehensive sleep analysis which shows the different stages such as light sleep, deep sleep, REM and wakefulness.


The Huawei Watch Fit is officially available in South Africa on Huawei’s local online store at The Watch Fit currently retails at R2999.00 but as a special offer on the Huawei online store, buyers will receive a free Huawei Smart Scale with each Huawei Fit watch purchased, while stocks last.


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