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Light Start – The No-Cellphone Edition

DJI announces the Matrice 200-series camera-centric drones Long story short, you’re not going to buy this drone. You might want to but unless your business is cinematography or you routinely pay pilots to do stuff for you, DJI’s newly-announced Matrice 200 drone series is probably out of reach. It’s still sexy though, with the new series boasting enough space for three different ...[Read More]

Stuff’s Gadget and App Award winners are…

Here at Stuff Towers we spend an inordinate amount of time fiddling with gadgets, apps, robot vacuum cleaners, IP cameras, action cameras, regular cameras, and anything else we can get our mitts on. The downside of this is trying to keep track of the batteries and cables that come with them, the upshot is you get the distilled knowledge gleaned from our collective experience and the many hours spe...[Read More]

Light Start – A new Inspire, pop-up SPUD, Wonder Woman, and Pokémon Go tweaks

DJI’s newest Inspire could be taking off on 15 November Set your calendars and your watches, drone enthusiasts. DJI’s newest Inspire drone is just around the corner, according to reports, as the company has an event set for 15 November. The tagline for the Los Angeles event is ‘Control/Create’ and suggests that DJI’s Inspire 2 drone is going to be making an appearance...[Read More]

Another day, another drone – The Mavic Pro is DJI’s 4K reply to GoPro’s foldable Karma

Usually its karma biting someone else, rather than someone else trying to take a bite out of Karma. DJI has revealed its newest drone, called the Mavic Pro, and if it’s not a direct reply to GoPro’s new Karma drone then we’ve never seen a direct reply before. When it comes to DJI’s flyers, we’re used to the Phantom form factor — white, looks like it’s stan...[Read More]

DJI opening their own drone arena in Korea

We’ve seen skate parks and BMX tracks, racetracks and even areas where you go to traipse around with your RC vehicles. We’re not even going to go into the existence of cricket and rugby fields or facilities dedicated to other sports. But we never thought we’d see something of this sort dedicated to drones. That’s what DJI has in mind with their drone arena, which opens Yong...[Read More]

Need an excellent video drone? DJI and Hasselblad have you covered

So you fancy yourself an aspiring filmmaker, do you? Care to put money on that? Not in the form of a bet or anything, but rather in the form of equipment. DJI, makers of some of the finest hobbyist drones on the market, recently entered into a partnership with manufacturer high-end camera Hasselblad and the first fruits of that meeting has been revealed. Congratulations, it’s a bundle. No, r...[Read More]

Light Start – Disney’s Death Star, DJI’s new toy, Hyperloop is a game, and CaptionBot

What kind of world would we live in if Disney had an inflatable Death Star? Disney bought the rights to Star Wars, do you really think that they’d be averse to creating their own space station? Robert Bigelow, of Bigelow Aerospace, certainly has ideas in that direction, expressing the hope that Disney or a company like them might sponsor a space station created from the inflatable modules th...[Read More]

Smarter, lighter, faster, better – DJI’s Phantom 4 is a seriously clever drone

DJI has just taken the wraps off the Phantom 4, setting the new standard for drones with some top new tech. The Phantom 4 is an evolution of the Phantom 3 Professional we saw last year, and rightly leaves the Phantom 3 Standard standing – on account of the whopping new 73km/h top speed. The quadcopter got its maiden flight at the launch event in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen district...[Read More]

Light Start – Welcome to 2016, here’s a bunch of drones

Star Wars Sphero BB-8 – A New Droid (which can be controlled with a… Force Band?) Just about the last thing we did at the Stuff offices before going off the grid last year was give away two Star Wars Sphero BB-8 app-controlled droids. And we’re hoping that we’re going to have a chance to give away the updated version, which is slated for launch some time this year. The droi...[Read More]

DJI’s latest drone camera can see in the dark

DJI has expanded its range of Zenmuse drone cameras with the XT – a camera that can see in the dark. The XT uses the same stabilised gimbal mount as the existing Zenmuse X3, X5 and X5R cameras, which means it can be fitted to either the Inspire 1 or Matrice M100 quadcopters. But it’s very different to those conventional digital cameras; thanks to its use of FLIR’s thermal imaging technology, it’s ...[Read More]

DJI has a brand new drone – and this one’s a crop-duster

Drones for photographers, drones for shrinks, drones for soldiers, and drones for anyone else who blinks… bad Dr. Seuss rhyme scheming aside, there seems to be a drone for everyone these days. So it makes sense that DJI has designed a drone specifically for the agricultural community – the MG-1. What’s special about the Agras MG-1 isn’t that it features an intelligent camer...[Read More]

Light Start – Beats is dead, jetpacks, Phantom X, Misfit Fossil, car vending machines

Beats Music is dead (at the end of November). Long live Beats Apple’s Apple Music service is now in er… service, with the recent Android launch being the last big hurdle that the streaming offering had to clear. Which also means that the plan set in motion when Apple acquired Beats is complete. Thus, like an extraneous mook in a heist movie, the services of streaming service Beats Musi...[Read More]

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