Here’s the DJI Pocket 2 — the cutest 4K cam buddy


Remember the DJI Osmo Pocket? The teeny tiny handheld 4K camera was made by the people behind some of the best drones in the biz. The best part? It’s set atop a tiny gimbal that promises some insanely steady footage. 

Now DJI has announced the DJI Osmo Pocket 2, the sequel to that little gadget. This time you get an upgraded camera, more microphones as well as a slightly updated design. According to launch info, it’ll release on the 1st of November, but we don’t have local availability just yet. 

Get in my Pocket

The gimbal system remains the same: it’s a three-axis gimbal mounted on a small grip and a tiny camera head. This time, however, you get a 1/1.7in image sensor (compared to the ½.3in size on the older model) which offers a wide 20mm field-of-view and an aperture of f/1.8. You’ll still only get video output up to 4K and 60fps, but the smaller sensor promises increased portability. You can also call it decreased size, but whatevs. 

It will come with a new HDR version that’ll be loaded to devices via a software update at a later stage, which means video files should be slightly smaller. 

But probably the most interesting update is the improved audio chops. If there was one thing we could fault the original Pocket on, it’ll be the tiny microphone that presented the need for an external mic (at least you had the audio jack to help with that). The Pocket 2 is fitted with four microphones which are capable of adjusting the audio based on the camera’s position.  “… it’ll also automatically narrow the sound field when the camera zooms, which sounds similar to what we’ve seen Samsung attempt in recent smartphones,” The Verge details the improved specs. 

The Pocket 2 will also allow for anything up to 8x zoom in its 64MP mode — that’ll scale down to 4x “lossless zoom” if you opt for the 16MP mode or 1080p. 

We can’t wait to get our hands on this little dude, as the Pocket was likely one of the most useful pieces of tech to come out of DJI’s arsenal. 

Source: The Verge


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