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Want an entry-level mirrorless camera? Get the new Fujifilm X-A7 for R12,000

It’s no secret that here at Stuff, we adore the Fujifilm X-series shooters. Now Fuji has announced the X-A7 mirrorless cam at an entry-level price point.

Ematic 4K Ultra-HD Android TV Box review: Who needs a smart TV?

The Ematic 4K Ultra-HD ​Android TV Box is the only Android box available in South Africa right now that is both Google- and Netflix certified.

Meet the faster, stronger, better Raspberry Pi 4 starting at R580

The Raspberry Pi foundation surprised the world of DIY engineers with an unexpected announcement of its new Raspberry Pi 4 today.

EA is remastering the first two Command and Conquer games in 4K

Electronic Arts has not had a very good history when it comes to the Command and Conquer games in recent years but it’s just possible that the company has finally done something right. EA has announced that it will be remastering and re-releasing the first two Command and Conquer titles, Command and Conquer and Command and Conquer: Red Alert. The series stretches back to 1995 and was origina...[Read More]

DStv (only) Now testing 4K streaming

Streaming has become the new norm in this age of on-demand entertainment… at least for those of us with blistering-fast internet. And DStv is slowly catching up with the competition by testing 4K capabilities on their streaming platform, DStv Now. The ability to stream content in 4K would be a welcome one but ‘DStv Now and chill’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it… “We’...[Read More]

This 12K resolution flyover of New York is the thing high-res screens were made for

You’re familiar with 4K video, but there are already moves towards 12K — as this stunning footage of New York City, shot by a helicopter, shows. The video is the creation of cinematographer Phil Holland, who used a helicopter and a very impressive camera rig to get his shoot on. The New York flyover was done with a rig called the Shotover K1 Hammerhead, a chopper-mounted setup that inc...[Read More]

5 Things you can expect from Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 845 chip

This year the Snapdragon 835 chip was the belle of the ball for Android phone makers. The flagship phones from Samsung, LG, OnePlus and about 100 others — with the notable exceptions of Apple and Huawei, who like to do their own thing — all used it. Next year it’s going to be inclusion of the 845 that marks phones, tablets, virtual reality headsets and some laptops as being on th...[Read More]

The first 8 enhanced games to play in 4K on the Xbox One X

Microsoft has developed the most powerful games console in existence, and you can buy it now if you’re in a launch country. South Africa being SA, we’ve got a little wait ahead but it will be here before year’s end. Will it be worth the wait? Yes, because it’s still an Xbox One at heart, and it’ll work with the same games and peripherals as the original Xbox One and l...[Read More]

You’ll soon be able to pay for Netflix in rand… and it’s okay if you share your account

In the next few weeks, or months at most, local Netflix users will be able to pay for the service in rand rather than US dollars, and the company is exploring various partnerships with local telcos both to make it mitigate the cost of the data required to use the service, and so that subscribers can pay for the service through their mobile operator. Perhaps even better news is that, if you’r...[Read More]

Is Sony’s 4K HDR phone a stroke of genius or a sign of madness?

Smartphones should push the boundaries of technology – of that there’s no doubt. But should they do it just for the sake of doing it? As in, should Sony really stick 4K HDR in a phone just because it can – even though no-one will buy the Xperia XZ Premium? Sure, 4K HDR will likely look astounding on a 5.5in LCD – the kind of nice that’ll have friends reaching out to touch your ph...[Read More]

Take a UHD tour through the International Space Station with NASA

So you have a 4K screen squirrelled away at home somewhere? And you happen to be extremely interested in the world of space travel? If you have a massive internet connection as well then we have something that might interest you: a floating tour of the International Space Station interior — filmed in glorious UHD. As you’ll see right off the bat, the video features views of home (meani...[Read More]

Netflix cranks up the brightness, reveals HDR release schedule

Get your sunglasses at the ready: Netflix has started rolling out its first HDR content, and revealed what’s on the way next. You can watch season one of Marco Polo in glorious HDR right now, but let’s face it, not everyone’s into historical dramas. That’s why we’re much more excited for what’s coming later this year. Netflix is promising Jessica Jones and the second season of Daredevil in HDR ...[Read More]

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