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Aerobotics wants to pay you to fly drones (eventually)

South African agriculture tech company Aerobotics wants to help create more accredited drone pilots and give them work.

DJI announces the Osmo Pocket, their smallest handheld camera and gimbal

So your social media cachet depends on having the very best video in your shared news feed but you don’t have film production money to throw at the dilemma? DJI’s got you covered — the drone-maker has announced the DJI Osmo Pocket. Which, if you know your DJI product lineup, sounds like a very portable gimbal. And camera, as it happens. The DJI Osmo Pocket is a fairly logical pro...[Read More]

These are iStore’s Black Friday deals

iStore has unveiled its Black Friday 2018 specials, and they include special pricing for everything from iPhones and Apple Watches to MacBooks and even DJI drones. If you’re not one to deal with crowds you’ll be pleased to know the iStore’s deals are available online on the day too. Another upshot is that the specials are available from Friday 23 November (D-day) to Sunday 25 November,...[Read More]

Get your DJI equipment (officially) fixed by Core Group

Core Group has announced that they are now a certified service centre for DJI products. That means they don’t only sell sweet flying machines, but they can also fix them without invalidating any warrantees now. “As Core Group, we are excited not only to distribute DJI products to the South African market but now we will repair these products. Our technicians are trained directly by DJI and have th...[Read More]

DJI unveils Mavic 2 drones and yes, now you can zoom

Drone- and gimbal-maker DJI has taken the wraps off its newest devices, a pair of updates to the Mavic Pro range — called the Mavic 2 series — that include new object-avoidance sensors to help pilots avoid crashing into things, and a choice of two cameras: a Hasselblad camera with a large, 1in CMOS sensor, and a more conventional 1/2.3in sensor camera that includes a zoom lens, which w...[Read More]

A leaked ad forces DJI to confirm Mavic 2 drone specs

Have you ever done something you regret immediately but know that you can’t undo? That’s what the print industry risks every day, and an error like printing an ad way out of schedule can lead to a Mavic mishap… just ask drone- and gimbal-maker DJI. We knew that DJI had new versions of the Mavic Pro on the way, but not quite what they would look like. Thanks to a mistakenly published advertis...[Read More]

DJI Tello: A great starter drone, but beware of strong winds

Privacy and safety concerns aside, drones are some of the most exciting consumer gadgets on the market today, and DJI is the best-known name in the game. With each iteration the Chinese company’s consumer drones have gotten incrementally better, and easier to fly. From automated flight paths and object-avoiding sensors to improved portability, recent models like the Spark and Mavic Air are s...[Read More]

DJI Spark review

The Mavic Air might have usurped it, but the DJI Spark drone is still worth a look. We take it for a spin and try to decide whether or not it’s the drone we’ve been dreaming of. Review unit supplied by Orms Direct​. Shot using Fujifilm X-T2 and X-T20 cameras c/o Fujifilm​.

DJI Mavic Air: hands-on – Emphasis on ‘hand’

Have you ever wondered at the power that resides in your hands? Just lift up your hand. Yes, right there. Now watch as this drone follows your hand’s every move. Why? Because it is equipped with 3D tracking tech that allows the pilot to put down the controller and wave their hands in the air instead. We saw this tech demonstrated at the South African launch of DJI’s new drone, the Mavic Air. This ...[Read More]

The DJI Mavic Air is the drone we’ve always wanted

Want the foldability of the DJI Mavic with the compact dimensions of the DJI Spark, along with the smarts of all of DJI’s finest quadcopters combined, and 4K video capabilities? Of course you do. DJI’s latest — and most compelling — attempt to part us from our hard-earned cash is just what the drone enthusiast ordered. It’s called the Mavic Air. We loved the SparkR...[Read More]

DJI Spark — Didn’t think you wanted a drone? You do now…

For most of us, drones are still a bit like camcorders were in the ’80s – great gadgets to have around, as long as someone else is responsible for them. They’re just a bit, well, needy. First, there’s the cost. Then carrying the thing around. Followed by finding somewhere to fly it. Then, most likely, a humiliating tree-based incident. But the Spark is different. DJI’s previous m...[Read More]

DJI Phantom 4 — Action Cam of the Year 2016

You used to have to be a qualified 747 pilot to fly a drone without it looking like someone had put a god in charge of the controls, but DJI’s Phantom 4 is so simple that even a dog could do it. Well, maybe a highly trained one. If those paws could operate a touchscreen, Jock could also use the Phantom’s new object-tracking system, which locks the camera onto a particularly gnarly subj...[Read More]

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