Check out this Iceland volcano footage, shot with DJI’s new FPV drone


Iceland is known for several things: its small population, Ari Eldjárn (who will make this list a little longer for us), and volcanos. But it’s the last point that we’re really concerned with. DJI teamed up with Ása Steinars, gave her one of its new FPV drones and got her to check out the eruption of Mount Fagradalsfjall back in March this year. The footage is… impressive.

Iceland’s looking hot

And yet, as impressive as getting up close and personal with an erupting volcano is on video, it must have been quite the experience to do it in person. The way DJI’s FPV drone works is that you’re looking directly out of the onboard camera while flying it, in the same way you’d look through the visor of a VR headset. The difference is that if you crash the drone into lava, it’s not going to respawn.

This decidedly warm footage wasn’t created only with the drone-maker’s new FPV drone, however. The DJI Mavic 2 Pro was also involved in nabbing some of the spectacular views of the Mount Fagradalsfjall eruption you’ve just watched.

Iceland is used to volcanic eruptions but, currently, there’s a similar surprise event ongoing in the Congo. Mount Nyiragongo erupted earlier this week, killing several people and endangering many others. Just something to keep in mind when you’re watching this slickly filmed footage of one of nature’s most dangerous faces.


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