Light Start: iPhones might get always-on screen, DJI’s FPV drone looks mean, Mercedes cars need a preen and Justice League but with some new scenes


Zack Snyder’s Justice League just got a brand new, overly-saturated trailer

Justice League

We’ll be honest with you, we weren’t massive fans of 2017’s Justice League. It felt hollow and lifeless, never really giving you the fun characters and action you expect from a superhero movie set within the DC Comics pantheon. Thus, when Warner Brothers confirmed that Zack Snyder would be producing a new “Director’s Cut” of the film (he had to leave the project halfway through production due to a family tragedy) we shrugged our shoulders. “Eh”, we all said. “We don’t think a few extra scenes could help that movie,” we continued.

Yet that doesn’t mean fans of the film can’t get excited about seeing Justice League in the way it was (apparently) intended to be watched. The trailer features more footage of Darkseid, Apokolips and even the Joker, unfortunately still played by Jared Leto. It’s very brown and yellow with plenty of booming audio effects to remind you of how bombastic the action will be and while we may not be all that keen on it, we’re pleased that diehard fans get another chance to enjoy Batman and The Gang wailing on parademons.

Source: Ars Technica

An always-on display could be included in the next iPhone

iPhone 12 smartphone

Seriously, how did it take us this long to write that headline? Being the prestigious gadgets they are, one would imagine that Apple would have started including an always-on screen with the iPhone years ago. Yet that’s not the happy reality we live in so we’ll just have to hope the rumours that the next iPhone will feature an always-on screen are true. The rumours come to us from YouTube channel EverythingApplePro who claims to have insider information on some of the iPhone 13’s (if that’s what they end up calling it) features.

One of the more interesting nuggets to come from the video is that the iPhone 13 will include a 120Hz LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) display which will feature an always-on feature that will show information such as battery life, the time and even the weather if you want. Considering how standard this feature has become for smartphones, it makes sense that Apple would finally include it but these are also just rumours, so keep that pinch of salt of hand.

Source: TNW

DJI’s FPV racing drone finally revealed and it’s built for speed

We’ve been hearing whispers that DJI’s next big project is an FPV (first-person view) racing drone for some time now and as it turns out, all those rumours were true… probably! The imaginatively named DJI FPV racing drone was revealed last night in a leaked unboxing video that really delved into everything you can expect from the drone. While the video gave us a solid look at everything we can expect to see in terms of the drone’s design, we obviously don’t know how well the thing flies or moves in the air. That will obviously be revealed at a later stage, hopefully by DJI itself.

The tiny drone features a rounded body as well as a front-facing camera on a gimbal that swivels upwards when the drone is moving at full speed. It also houses two downward-facing sensors, presumably to assist with avoiding obstacles or the tops of innocent bystander’s heads. It also comes with a redesign flight controller and a set of FPV goggles to really help users immerse themselves in the flight. We still don’t have a release date for this device but if videos like this are leaking now, one has to imagine it will launch in the near future.

Source: TechRadar

Mercedes recalls roughly 1.3 million vehicles due to faulty emergency call technology

It’s important that your car’s infotainment system be both fun and functional, right? It becomes an even bigger problem when the one part that doesn’t function is the emergency call system. Can you imagine crashing your shiny new Mercedes in a potentially life-threatening location and not be able to send your location to first responders? That’s the problem that’s seen Mercedes recall nearly 1.3 million 2016 to 2021 model year vehicles as a glitch in the car’s eCall emergency calling system would send out the wrong location data if the power supply dies during the crash itself.

This isn’t a problem isolated to a single class of Mercedes though. Every type of car from the S-Class down to the A-Class has been affected by this problem. It’s a pretty big problem but from what we can gather it’s only really affecting Mercedes Benz owners over in the US. We’ll reach out to local Mercedes representation and see if the recall will affect South African drivers. Keep your eyes on the Stuff website for updates on this story!

Source: Engadget


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