Everything we know about the Apple iPhone 13


Okay, bear with us. Apple’s brand new iPhone 12s have barely even started warming shelves, and we’re already on the iPhone 13? Yes. That’s because the world of tech never stands still and we’re a curious bunch. 

According to some of the information that’s readily available, it looks like we can expect a smaller notch, a thicker body, and no charging port. There’s no question that the iPhone 12 has been a resounding success, delivering impressive performance, stellar 5G speeds, excellent cameras, and its ‘new’ design.

Lucky for us, the rumour mill never sleeps, and we’ve got some of the most promising rumours for Apple’s 2021 lineup right here. 

When’s the iPhone 13 coming?

In the pre-COVID pandemic era, we generally saw Apple announce its latest mobile hardware in September. But since the world’s been tipped into disarray, the company’s pushed out new launches to slightly later in the year. So late, in fact, that South Africans only got their hands on iPhone 12 devices deep into the holiday season in 2020. 

This year may be slightly different (probably depending on the much-awaited vaccine rollout). Supply chains will go back to semi-normal and production may speed up across the board. For the first time ever, we don’t have a good idea of when Apple’s next best batch will launch. If we’re lucky, it goes back to a September announcement, but we may only see ‘em in October or November. 

Will we see a redesign?

iphone iStoreMany fans loved the iPhone 12 design and hailed it as a “sleek look that is distinctive in the modern smartphone space.” Sure, it does stand out in a sea of black slabs, and it’s still uniquely iPhone-esque, which we can appreciate.

We’ve grown used to Apple using its phone designs for 3-4 years with only minor changes. So, don’t expect any major changes this time around either. According to Bloomberg, “Apple isn’t planning major changes for this year’s iPhone line.” That’s thanks to a ‘major’ redesign in  2020 (we still don’t see it). If anything, the device will be slightly thinner and sport a smaller notch. 

One thing we’d like to see in the iPhone 13 is a 120Hz display. We’re certainly hoping to see that included with the iPhone 13 instead, at least with the Pro models. It’s that extra little upgrade that makes a pretty noticeable difference in action.

And the shooters?

This is why you’re here, right? The iPhone 12 Pro Max introduced some of the best camera tech available in a mobile device, so the iPhone 13 shouldn’t be much different. According to Mac Otakara, the sensor-shift optical image stabilisation from the iPhone 12 Pro Max will make its way to the iPhone 13 Pro, as well, along with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. There may even be a 47% larger main sensor present which will allow for improved low-light action. 

Other than that, we haven’t heard about changes to the functionality of the iPhone 13 camera setup. If Mac Otakara is correct, however, the iPhone 13 may feature a flush back, with no protruding camera bump with the surface covered entirely by durable sapphire glass. 

Some extras?

As we’ve talked about before, Apple may be working on an in-display TouchID feature which will be a welcome update in a mask-wearing world. Face ID will remain, as the 3D sensor is useful for Animoji and augmented reality too, not just security.

Apple could also reportedly remove the charging port, suggests Bloomberg, given the wider acceptance of wireless charging and also the iPhone 12’s addition of the MagSafe magnetically-attachable wireless charger.



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