Light Start – Starcraft Remastered, Nio EP9 speeds, Amazon’s first drone delivery, and the Justice League


Starcraft Remastered is coming for the hours of your life that you can’t really spare right now

Well, there go our plans for the next few years. Blizzard has announced the existence of Starcraft Remastered, a release which is going to be taking the original space RTS epic and upgrading it with 4K graphics, updated online connectivity (while retaining LAN access, which made the original such a joy back when LANs were still something to do every weekend), and a couple of new features (like new audio content in the single player and technical upgrades). The gameplay, refined over many, many, years, is going to be staying the same, however. Plus, the Brood Wars expansion is going to be done alongside it as well. As if that wasn’t enough, this remastered experience — which has already stolen countless hours from us — will be releasing later on this year. And, just in case you thought that this was going to just be a cash-in, Blizzard is readying Patch 1.18 for release which will essentially make the original versions of Starcraft and Brood Wars completely free to download. If you don’t want to pay for the remaster, just nab the originals. Or get some practise in before the upgraded visuals drop.

Source : Blizzard

Watch the Nio EP9 absolutely torch the EV record at Nürburgring

If there’s one video that you watch this week, make it this one. These seven minutes give you some idea of what it’s like to be on board the Nio EP9 electric supercar — more so when the supercar in this run peels 15 seconds off the previous Nürburgring record set by an electric vehicle. The EP9 has one mW (or 1,431 horsepower) behind it, which accounts for the high whining shriek that you can hear as the vehicles barrels around the German racetrack at high speeds. Oh, and this thing has also raced at other tracks, sometimes with a driver and sometimes with an autonomous setup. The driver proves to be faster by about 30 seconds, on average. Don’t count on getting your hands on one of these speedsters, though. Nio, the company behind the horsepower, will only be making six of them.

Source: FIA Formula E Championship

And now for a taste of Amazon’s drone delivery service

Coming in just below the Nio’s epic performance, Amazon’s first official fully-automated drone delivery doesn’t seem all that exciting. And, on the outside at least, it’s not. But when you consider that this sedate-looking video shows what Amazon are calling the first drone delivery to be executed without input from any humans it gets a little more exciting. The drone delivered a box of sunscreen to onlookers, making this the first successful Amazon drone delivery on the States. If it’s a sign of things to come, we might see the skies experiencing congestion as people get their hands on those all-important shopping items at high speed. That’s in the future but at least we’re heading in the right direction.

Source: The Next Web

Catch the first Justice League trailer right here, before work starts in earnest

All hail Aquaman! Yeah, yeah, the running joke of the comics universe is only a joke to people who don’t actually know anything about his story arcs but you’ll have a better sense of the Atlantean prince’s skills when you finish watching the first trailer for Justice League. DC’s answer to the Avengers films from Marvel, Justice League will see Batman, Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and the Man of Steel (who seems to be largely absent from this trailer) getting together to combat… something. They’re not exactly revealing what yet but we’re detecting some H.R. Giger influence on the set design so we’re going with either the Xenos from Alien or Cthulu. We’re probably wrong but that’s what the second trailer will be for — correcting the record.

Source: Warner Bros. Entertainment


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