DJI’s FPV racing drone has leaked online


You might not know this but drone racing is actually ludicrously popular around the world. When you’re not taking videos with them, what else are they actually good for? DJI, hot off the announcement of the Mini 2 drone, has seemingly come to the same conclusion as the company began to develop its first first-person-view (FPV) racing drone. As it turns out, they only ended up making the goggles that would pair with such a drone but now, if a series of leaked images are to be believed, they’re all in on an actual drone.

The racing drone, seemingly named the DJI FPV, has been leaked by someone that clearly didn’t read the non-disclosure agreement or simply didn’t care all that much. Images of the drone being used and still embedded within its box surfaced on Twitter via noted DJI leaker OsitaLV, who’s got the drop on several DJI products before they were announced. Honestly, it looks pretty cool even if we don’t actually know anything about the drone.


So we know what it looks like but in terms of actual specs we’re all in the dark. Judging by the leaked images, we know the drone will have four three-blade propellers, a sizable hump and and a very trimmed down controller, which makes sense given that its main purpose is to go fast rather than take panoramic photos.

The DJI FPV also comes with a headset which will obviously pair to the camera embedded in that central hump to give pilots a better view of where they’re flying. Honestly, that sounds awesome. We should look into getting into drone racing…

(Source: The Verge)


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