DJI finally announces Mini 2 drone and it’s surprisingly powerful


Last night DJI decided to boldly wade through all the US election posts to finally announce its Mini 2 drone, one of the company’s smallest devices to date that’s still surprisingly powerful. The announcement raised a few eyebrows when the Mini 2 was first revealed because, as I’m sure you’ve no doubt already noticed, its name isn’t preceded by “Mavic” which is a weird direction for DJI to take it’s brand when the Mavic Mini is such a well-known and beloved model of drone but there’s no doubt method to company’s madness. We think.

The DJI Mini 2 is tiny, which shouldn’t be a surprise given its name. Sizing in at only 249g, you should have no problem carrying this thing around when exploring your local park or capturing footage at the skatepark. We imagine those are the sorts of places one is most likely to use a drone. We don’t get out the house much, unless it’s to a park of some sort.

DJI Mini 2 the max

One of the most significant improvements over the Mavic Mini is the replacement of Wi-Fi with the far more reliable OcuSync 2.0. It used to be that you’d need to pair with the Mavic Mini via Wi-Fi and while it mostly worked, the greater the distance the more the connection degraded. OcuSync 2.0 allows the DJI Mini to travel 10km away from the user without deterioration in signal or control. That’s double the distance of the Mavic Mini, in case you were keeping score.

The DJI Mini 2 is also capable of shooting in 4K at 30fps with a bitrate of up to 100 Mbps. Your footage should be more stable than ever as the Mini is equipped with a 3-axis gimbal and a whole load of pre-loaded flight patterns to really give your footage a cinematic flair. It should hopefully be a bit better at keeping up with subjects as it’s flight speed is roughly 16 metres a second and it’s resistant to winds blowing slower than 10.5 metres a second.

So how much will this cost you? Well, we don’t have local pricing just yet but we do know that it’ll cost $450 for the standard package which comes with the DJI Mini drone, a remote controller and a single battery pack. If you’re looking for more out of your purchase you could spend $600 for the “Fly More” package which includes a charging up, case and three extra batteries.

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