The adorable DJI Mavic Mini is official, and will land at R7,000


After an unfortunate leak this week, DJI’s smallest drone yet has officially been announced with local pricing. The Mavic Mini weighs in at under 250g, which exempts it from having to be registered with aviation authorities. But it also makes it an exceptionally safe drone to fly. Basically, the Mavic Mini is an awesome entry into drone-in if you don’t wanna invest a buttload of money.

Is it a fly?

It’s not only tiny in size, but also folds up into an almost palm-sized package (depending on your palm) and sports all the features available on the full-sized Mavics. It’s fitted with a stabilised camera capable of capturing 2.7K video at 30fps, 1080p at 60 frames per second, or 12MP stills using the 1/2.3-inch sensor. Using the three-axis motorised gimbal, footage will be as smooth as you can expect from any DJI-labeled tech.

DJI doesn’t hold back on tech in the mini-body either, explaining that”New pilots can choose to fly in Position (P) mode for basic operation, more experienced pilots can unlock more capabilities in Sport (S) mode, and content creators can choose CineSmooth (C) mode to lengthen braking time for smoother shots and more cinematic footage. Pilots can also choose from several pre-programmed flight manoeuvres known as QuickShots.”

You’ll start finding the Mavic Mini in retail stores and online in South Africa from the second half of November. As with all Mavics, there are two options: the base pack and the Fly More pack. The standard version includes a Mavic Mini drone, the remote controller, one battery, extra propellers and all necessary tools and wires for R7,000. Ready for the upgrade? The Fly More Combo includes all of the components from the standard version with the addition of the 360° propeller cage, two-way charging hub, three batteries in total, three sets of extra propellers and a carrying case for R9,000.


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  1. What model can we expect to hit South African shores?

    4 km for FCC compliant Model (MT1SS5) or
    2 km for CE compliant Model (MT1SD25)

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