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Drones: Novel today, common tomorrow

A new study from UK-based Juniper Research has found that the falling cost of drones, the increased number of players in the nascent drone market and a growing number of use cases are all aligning to ensure that drones, while still novel and relatively rare today, are likely to become commonplace and affordable sooner than you might think. Juniper expects drone sales to climb from less than four m...[Read More]

Light Start: Face logins, Acti-King, Star Trek returns, drone computers, and Apple indoor maps

Microsoft’s Windows Hello facial logins are… pretty nifty We’re hearing this a bit second-hand, as we have yet to get a Microsoft Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 to play with but Redmond have done some mighty impressive things with their facial biometric logins. Microsoft have made it possible for users to use their face to log into their new Windows 10 devices, and have accounted ...[Read More]

Light Start – Radeon goes solo, DJI’s aerial cam, GoPro VR, Ultima Evolution, and Star Wars Land

AMD and Radeon part ways – in a manner of speaking Some industry news, and only applicable if you’re hoping to impress someone with your grasp of the finer details of Intel/AMD/Nvidia rivalry, is that AMD has announced places to turn their graphics division into a standalone called Radeon Technologies Group. Which, if you remember the great ATI/Nvidia wars of 2008 (those were the days)...[Read More]

Light Start – GoPro goes social, a manned drone, bodies better than Bluetooth and Instagram Direct grows up

Wearables could one day send data through our bodies instead of via BluetoothBluetooth may be the de facto way of getting wearables to communicate with other devices like our smartphones, but a team at the University of San Diego in California is testing a system that uses the human body’s natural magnetic field to transfer data instead. It works on the same principles as an MRI, but involve...[Read More]

Christmas comes early for drone pilots as DJI unveils the shiny new 4K Phantom 3

DJI has just revealed its latest additions to its drone family – the Phantom 3 Professional and Phantom 3 Advanced. We know this, because we just saw one of them fly towards us at its launch event, with its green and red lights happily flashing away. Both new drones will land with a host of new features and software tricks that are guaranteed to get videographers salivating. For starters, th...[Read More]

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