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Craig Wilson

Craig is Stuff magazine's editor. He provides tech analysis and commentary for TV stations like eNCA, CNBC Africa and BusinessDay TV, and radio stations like 702, CapeTalk, PowerFM, MetroFM and Classic FM. You can contact him via

The 9 things you should do with your Samsung S9/S9+

So, you’ve decided to get yourself a Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+, the Android phone that’s on course to set the bar for 2018’s other handsets to try and match. Perhaps you’ve upgraded from the S8 and want to know what’s changed, or you’ve tired of Apple’s walled garden, ditched your iPhone and need a tiny tots primer course on the best Android Oreo has to off...[Read More]

Liberty Life plans to launch a chatbot soon to make getting insured easier

Insurer and financial services provider Liberty Life plans to launch a chatbot in the third quarter of this year that’ll allow consumers to get quotes for Liberty short-term insurance for things like vehicles using a mobile app,WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or the Liberty website. The company is also introducing telematics to its mobile app to allow customers to complete a two-week driving te...[Read More]

Fitbit’s got two new devices, the Ace and Versa, and is adding menstrual tracking to its software

Wearables company Fitbit has announced two new devices, the Versa smartwatch and the Ace fitness tracker for children. The Versa is a pared-down version of the Ionic smartwatch while the Ace is a fitness tracking wristband that resembles the Alta, but is aimed at children. Fitbit has also announced a new version of its smartwatch operating system, Fitbit OS 2.0, that’ll bring new features li...[Read More]

10 tips to get the most out of Spotify

Apple Music and Deezer might have bigger catalogues, but by and large Swedish music streaming service Spotify is still considered the best in the game thanks to its superb recommendations algorithm, intuitive interface and wide-ranging support for third-party hardware like smart TVs and speakers. But there’s more to the service than usability. Here are our tips for getting the most out of Sp...[Read More]

Spotify is live in South Africa and it’ll cost you R60/month

Music streaming service Spotify goes live in South Africa today. Users can choose from the free or Premium packages. The free service is extremely limited, but users can try the Premium service for 30 days before they’ll be charged the R60/month subscription fee. That’s the same month fee Apple Music, Google Play Music and Deezer charge for their equivalent services. Spotify is also of...[Read More]

Pictures of the Huawei P20, P20 Lite, and three-camera-laden P20 Pro have leaked

Another day, another leak. This time it’s Huawei having its parade rained upon and proving how impossible it is to keep details of new smartphones secret. Images of the new P20 range of devices Huawei’s launching at an event in Paris on 27 March have made their way online, and as expected, it looks like we can expect three devices with the fanciest of the trio touting three rear camera...[Read More]

Spotify is launching in South Africa this month

We’ve been hearing rumours that the world’s largest streaming music service Spotify would launch in South Africa “any day now” for, well, about two years. Then, late last year, we spotted a job ad that suggested the latest batch of rumours were true. Now we’re convinced we’ll see the service before the end of March. Why? Because we’ve had an invitation to ...[Read More]

Demystifying smartphone camera jargon

The technology industry is rife with acronyms, jargon and specialist terms that can be overwhelming for newcomers. Photography is no different. In fact, sometimes it can be even worse, and just like the tech sector, often the things we’re told we’re meant to be paying attention to aren’t in fact the ones that really matter. So here’s Stuff‘s guide to the terms youR...[Read More]

Fitbit Ionic’s Adidas Edition is coming later this month

Apple and Samsung, Windows and Mac, BMW and Merc, Nike and Adidas, Marmite eaters and rational humans: The world is full of intensive rivalries. And rivals like nothing more than sticking it to each other. So when Fitbit announced its Apple Watch challenger, the Ionic, last year it was no surprise when it added that an Adidas Edition would follow down the line. Now we’ve got a date to diaris...[Read More]

Waze is coming to Ford Sync 3 in April

Ford‘s Sync is one of the best in-car infotainment systems we’ve ever used. Waze is one of the best navigation apps thanks to its simple interface and crowd-sourced real-time alerts for accidents, roadblocks and other things that unexpectedly slow our journeys. So imagine our delight when we heard they’re combining forces. Waze will be available on Sync 3 from April this year. Th...[Read More]

Facebook and Vodacom testing OpenCellular platform to get rural areas online

Two years ago Facebook announced OpenCellular, an open-source project aimed at building hardware that will allow mobile operators to offer connectivity cost effectively in rural and other under-serviced areas. Vodacom’s parent company, Vodafone, announced at Mobile World Congress today that it’s been trialling OpenCellular in South Africa and India, while other trials by other operator...[Read More]

Huawei’s got a new laptop and tablet, and we’re definitely getting the former

While Samsung and Nokia showed off new handsets yesterday in Barcelona, Huawei has opted to keep its new phones on hold for its own launch events later this year and unveiled a new MateBook X Pro laptop and MediaPad M5 tablet instead. The MateBook X Pro is an ultraportable laptop with a 3K touch-sensitive display and 3000 x 2000 pixel resolution. It gets its grunt from Intel’s 8th gen Core i...[Read More]

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